Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthday Wishes Celebrating Chloe Card

Okay, I know it's been ghost town around here...but once I get back from all the CHA craziness, I promise to be a better blogger!  I've been shipping and packing all week...and I'm sure once we set up today, I'll realize that I still forgot something, lol.

Well, today is my little sister's birthday and she's turning 6.  Unfortunately, I will miss her birthday every year, as CHA will always fall on that week. :(  But I bought her the coolest and best present, so I hope it makes up for the fact that I can't be there.  And she'll hate that I'm down in Anaheim and didn't bring her with me, since all she loves right now are Disney princesses.

My mini-me is growing up so fast!  She writes just as a beautifully as I do (yeah, I'll be selfish and admit that my handwriting is awesome, lol)  and I think she'll eventually surpass my coloring skills!  Unfortunately, I don't have any princess stamps, so I used Celebrating Chloe. Maybe in the works for next year?!?  Of course, maybe she'll outgrow princesses by then, lol.

Here's the gown I got her, since Cinderella is her favorite.  I personally liked Tiana's dress best...but you know I love green, lol.  I'm sure she'll be so excited and can't wait to see the pictures of her in the dress.

And no princess can have a dress without matching sparkly shoes!  So, I know this gift is really its not Halloween and kids grow so fast, but this is what she wanted for Christmas and my parents asked me to buy her something different.  She had also asked for Lion King II (which is in the Disney Vault BTW) poor girl didn't get anything she asked Santa for. 

I know my parents won't be thrilled with my gift choice, lol...but I get to be the 'cool, fun' sister for just a little bit. :)  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will try to post CHA pics as I go.  I am working my booth this year though, so I may not get to walk around as much as I have in the past! 

If you are attending CHA, we're booth #26 in the newbie section and would love to see you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

SCRSC Challenge #71 - Sketch Challenge and Cafe Lucy Card

Welcome to Week 2 of Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps Challenge #71! We appreciate you taking the time to join our challenge and look forward to seeing your creations each week. You have until Sunday, 1/29/11 @ 9 PM PST to play along with the current challenge which is a fabulous sketch!  Check out the SCRS blog to see more darling creations from the DT!

Our challenge is open to all players. Each week a random winner will be chosen, and this week's winner will receive Snow Angel Ruby. In order to qualify for a prize, you must use a Sparkle Creations image on your creation. Most importantly, have fun! We can't wait to see your creations!

Confession...this was a half colored image that was suppose to match my Jovial paper.  I scrapped that and tried to save her.  If you notice...I'm in need of a R37 refill and my lighting is all over the place, lol.  Besides that, I do love how my card came together!

To play along in our challenge, upload a photo of your project and provide a direct link in the linky widget at the bottom of the SCRS post. If you use an online gallery (e.g. Splitcoast), please also use the keywords SCRSC71 and SparkleCreations (no spaces). If you have a Facebook account and are a fan of Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps, you can also upload there. Deadline for this week's challenge is Sunday, January 29th @ 9 PM PST.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!  Biggest Loser is on and for those celebrating, hope you're enjoying Chinese New Years! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy New Year Takara Card - Year of the Dragon

Next week is a busy week, as I'm getting last minute stuff done for CHA, 4 birthdays, and Chinese New Years.  I love that Brent enjoys celebrating New Years 3 times a year with me.  Hmong New Years in November/December, American New Years on January 1st, and Chinese New Years in January/February.

It's not typically for me to make New Year I usually just jump to Valentines.  I already have a stack piling up, lol...I really should just make Valentines instead of Christmas cards.  Plus, I enjoy making Valentines so much more. :)

When I was still training classes full time, I had a trainee tell me that they missed Christmas one year, so they sent out Ground Hog's Day cards, lol.  And that became their could Valentines become my thing?!?  I think my family would have an uproar.

I definitely think there will be Chinese Zodiac Rin stamps in the near future.  We may have to wait til next year...but I've got it on the docket. :)  How do make a cute snake, lol?!?  Anyhoo- have a great's almost the weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Life January Photos - Week 3

Howdy all...sorry that I've been MIA this week.  With getting locked out of my Google account and getting 4 inches of snow and ice, it's made my week pretty interesting, lol.  It's my second day home due to the weather, but I've still been working on both of my jobs...and doing laundry and cleaning my house.  I must say it's pretty awesome to work in my pajamas, especially when I'm use to wearing a suit everyday.

I am patiently waiting for more page protectors to come in before I start my physical album.  I'm trying really hard to keep up so when I actually get my stuff, it won't take too long to update.  I hope that once I do get caught up, I'll show you actual album pages instead of just pictures.  Last year I didn't pick a set...I used the blank cards and used my paper stash.  This year, I picked Clementine and I also bought the Clementine digital elements, so you'll see the colors run through some of the photos. 

Do any of you read the Bloggess?  I swear, this is funniest blog ever.  Has absolutely nothing to do with crafting, but this woman is just hilarious.  She has made metal chickens popular again!  I've been following her since this summer, when she got a 5ft tall metal rooster and named it Beyonce, lol.

I went to Walmart last Friday to do my coupon shopping.  I was able to get $2 off each pack of White Cloud toilet paper (this is 3-ply too), making a pack of 12 rolls only $3.97, which is $0.33 a roll.  I only used to use Charmin, which is $12.97 for 12 rolls.  I honestly don't think I've used a different brand since I lived in the dorms at college, lol.

My friend Lisa sent me this picture from her local scrapbook store.  Isn't this banner the coolest?!?  I'll have to try and make one myself.  Maybe once I get back from CHA, I can try to figure it out.  PS...I always love it when people send me 'sparkle' pics.  My friend Nona sent me one awhile too.  I think an Instgram collage is in the calling soon.

The 2nd Saturday of each month is my normal craft day.  It was also Lori's belated birthday, so we made cupcakes.  Kelly made chocolate peanut butter frosting - so yummy!  The gals are tired of me taking pictures of them each month, I gave them a little break.

As I'm preparing for CHA, my crafty friends helped me cut 433 envelope corners, 183 lacey circles, and 400 circles for my bookmark make-n-takes.  Having 5 of the same size Nestabilites works so well!  I really wish we could buy multiples of the same sizes!

Monday was a very sad  for me...I was leaving comments on the SCRS challenge entries and while I was signing in, I got this message.  I was locked out of all my blogs, my calendar, my profile, Google+ account, and my personal blog got shut down.  Good thing I don't use Gmail, or I really would of cried!

It took about 24 hours for Google to resolve all of this for me...and I still don't know what really caused them to think I was doing suspicious activity.  I'm just glad my blog is back up and running.  This made me create another Google profile just as a back-up though, in case this were to ever happen again.

Coming home on Saturday night from Craft Group was the beginning of the snow.  It didn't snow too much then, so I wasn't too worried about it.  I didn't want to take my chances though, so I ended just shopping at Safeway.  I wanted to use my Double Coupons at Albertson's, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be this week.  It's alright, I still got a good amount of savings.

I took this picture as soon as we got to work on Monday.  It reminds me of Narnia when it's frozen, lol.  There's a huge soccer field behind our office building, so that's the whole spread of snow that you see.

The snow didn't get bad til Wednesday morning.  Moving here from Denver, driving in the snow isn't a big deal for us.  But unfortunately, Seattle isn't as prepared as Denver is.  I'm a born and raised PacNW person, so I can totally relate.  I appreciate the snow skills I was forced to learn obtained in the 2 years I lived in Denver.  It snowed 36 inches my first winter in Denver. :)

This is Brent outside measuring the snow for me.  He walked down the street to Papa Murphy's and got us a pizza.  Such a sweetheart!  And an excuse for him to go play in the snow.

This was the weather forecast on my phone.  I took a screenshot on my iPhone and then ran it through Instagram. 

It's still snowing at my house and fortunately we still have power.  A lot of Maple Valley and Covington doesn't, so here's to hoping we won't lose power again.  Can you tell that I'm looking forward to be going to Anaheim next week?!?  I hope you all have a safe and lovely Thursday!  I'll be back tomorrow with something crafty!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I Adore You Drucilla Card

She's my favorite...and for some reason, I only tend to make lovey and Valentine cards with her.  Though, I don't send them to people in fear that they might think I'm demented and slightly crazy, lol. One of my co-workers has one of my Drucilla cards up on her desk.  I truly heart it!!

Well, while many of you have today off, I'm I hope you all have a lovely Monday!  Hawaii 5-0 and Bachelor are on tonight!

Friday, January 13, 2012

SCRS Release Day and January Preview - Tea Set Rin

Today is RELEASE DAY! All new stamps are now available in the SCRS store! Click here or above on the Sparkle Creations Store link to start shopping now.  We are also previewing Tea Set Rin today.

Be sure to visit our wonderful designers to see more peeks of Tea Set Rin. Sparkle will be giving away a Tea Set Rin rubber stamp to one lucky person! For a chance to WIN, you need to visit and comment on all of the designers' Tea Set Rin blog posts (listed below) and then leave a comment under this very post here on the SCRS blog. You have until midnight EST tonight to comment.

I hope you enjoy our new release! Thank you for stopping by and everyone have a great Saturday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

SCRS January Sneak Peek - Karber Fashion Set

Today we are excited to show you a brand new Karber Fashion set. This is a clear acrylic set with 5 images and 3 sentiments. All new stamps will be available to purchase from the SCRS store tomorrow!

I love how cool and chic this set is!  The good news is that I found my Stickles!  It somehow ended up in my acrylic case, where I store all of my nestabilities, lol.  I was almost to the point where I really thought it was just gone and I was going to have to buy a new bottle and start over.

Be sure to visit our fabulous designers for more peeks of Karber Fashion. Sparkle will be giving away a Karber Fashion stamp set to one lucky person! For a chance to WIN, you need to visit and comment on all of the designers' Karber Fashion blog posts (links listed below) and then leave a comment under this very post here on the SCRS blog. You have until midnight EST tonight to comment.

I hope you all have a great Friday! We will see you tomorrow for the final day of previews!  I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!  It's almost the weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Project Life Photos - Week 2

I've been debating back and forth on what I want to do with all of my Instagram photos.  I decided to get them printed using an app Postal Pix.  It's actually quite expensive...$0.29 a picture. (I normally pay $0.09 a picture at Walgreens.) But, the parts I do like is that I don't have to take the pictures off my phone.  I don't have to resize them (I would if I was going to print them on a 4x6 format).  And it even tells me if the photo is low resolution.

Since I got my iPhone, I have 45 photos in my Instagram!  I suppose it's much easier to carry than my Canon, so I do use it more.  I still need to work on taking better pics with it.  I also wonder if I'm just jaded, lol.  Meaning, the pictures will never be as good as my Canon, so are my expectations too high?
1-5: Teriyaki salmon is one of Brent's favorite dinners.  I normally make the salmon with onions and mushrooms, and then steam broccoli.  But this time I actually made a full pan of stir fry to go with it.

In attempts to get a new self-portrait of myself, here's a photo that I took in my bathroom.  I always wonder if I should look up in the mirror, lol...and should I be concentrating on where it's focusing on the screen?  But after reading this post on Photojojo, I scraped the idea of a self-portrait and I want to make a collage now for my timeline photo on Facebook.  Though, I may make this my new profile pic for my blog.  This picture now of me with the BasicGrey background is from last Winter CHA.

1-9:  Since this was the only night game Bre had all season, we went to go see her play.  Her games are usually early in the afternoon and during the time that Brent and I are at work.  Unfortunately, they ended up losing by 4 points.  But it was pretty much a tied game until the last 30 seconds of the game.

I was sitting pretty far up in the bleachers, so my pictures were not that great.  I used an app Diptic to put the multiple pictures into one. Side note, there was this cute girl maybe about 4, who was recording the game on her mom's iPad.  It was so cute to watch her go side to side as the girls ran up and down the court. :)

1-10: Brian, Brent's older brother came to meet us for lunch.  We went to Red Robin and I had my usual - Guacamole Bacon Burger, with no bacon, no tomato, and a side of Ranch for my fries.  I like my burger pink, but this was the pinkest I've ever had it, lol.  It was still yummy and I will be eating the other half of it today for lunch.

After work, while Brent was renting a movie at Blockbuster, I went to go sign up for a QFC card and buy laundry detergent.  Tide is my most favorite, so I had to take advantage of this great deal.  I got 4 of these for $13.68 (including tax), which gave me 62.5% in savings.  These are normally priced at $8 a bottle.  They were buy 4, get each one for $4.99.  Then I had $2 off manufacturer coupons from the newspaper and online, making each bottle $2.99 + tax. 

BTW, Brent and I only do 3 loads of laundry every 2 weeks.  We now have enough detergent until Fall of 2013, lol. 

All right, that's pretty much my week so far.  I'm waiting for page protectors and journaling cards to come in before I order my new Project Life.  I've been debating on just slipping these in the regular pages or getting these 4x4 slot page protectors?  I'm sure I'll end up somewhere in the middle!  Everyone have a great hump day!