Friday, December 30, 2011

One Little Word for 2012

With the new year almost here...I have picked a new word to represent 2012.  I would of never thought to pick this word, until someone else picked it last year in Ali's One Little Word class.  I am taking the class again this year and I have decided to pick the word 'sparkle'.

I know some will think it's cliche to pick my own name, but through this upcoming year, my main goal is to focus on growth for Sparkle Creations.  I think by choosing the word 'sparkle,' it will remind me to focus on myself and my company.  I also turn 30 this year, so it will be a very monumental year. 

Past Words
2010 - Strive
2011 - Balance

I struggled with my word this last year, especially since my day job required a lot of my focus and time this last fall.  Unfortunately, it's what pays the bills, so I can't neglect either of my jobs.  I'm still trying to find a good balance between my two jobs.  Without Stephanie, I don't know how I would of made it through 2011.  I am forever grateful for her hard work and dedication to our team. 

Once I share my goals, I'll go more into depth of how this will all flow together.  I look forward to starting off the new year and hope for many blessings.  Have you chosen a word for 2012 yet?  


  1. Hmmm, Sparkle, I might actually follow along and try to select a word. I like your previous choices and reason for your 2012 one. I think you have always "Sparkled", so I'll be interested to see you "Sparkle" different in 2012.

  2. Good word, like the way you share your focus for the new year. You always inspire me to think about my life :)

  3. So are you ordering that print to put on your wall? ;) Love the necklace AND your word. Good thinking. I gave up on choosing a word each year a couple years ago when I decided on a word for life. So I guess it's like choosing the same word every year, haha. Anyways, it has really helped me to readjust my priorities and keep my focus on long term goals. :) Good luck to both of us in 2012 - lots going on!!

  4. Such a cool name and word -- you're so lucky! Love the little blurb on your wall pic on FB :).

  5. wishing you all the best with your company in the new year, Sparkle! I love the stamps that I've purchased and can't wait to see what you come out with next! Happy New Year!

  6. I had several words in mind for this year that I was happy with but couldn't decide on which one. I too went back to look at last year's list and my dilema was immediately resolved the moment I saw the word SPARKLE! I don't know what it is about that word, but I just HAD to use it! I Googled to see if I could find who had it last year, and found your blog post.

    Wishing you the sparkliest of New Years!

  7. Love your word for 2012! I'm so glad that I could help you out this year... :)


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