Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh, Technology...

So, I've been wondering...who's resisted changing to the new interface on Blogger?  I switched over the first time I saw that they were testing it.  I really enjoy the 'white and clean' look it has now.  Even on Google Reader.  The best thing I love is that the posting section is expandable.  You don't have to keep scrolling up and down to see all of your post.  This makes me extremely happy, lol. 

The other day I shared with you that I just got an iPhone.  The main reason why I've resisted a smart phone for so long is because of money.  I feel (and still do) that it's a waste to pay for a data package that I won't really use that much.  I have internet at home and at work.  I don't travel constantly, so I almost always have internet wherever I am.  I'm spending $360 a year on just data.  Do you know how many 6x6 pads I could buy with that, lol?!? And just saying...$360 will get you 80 Copics. :) 

But the world is moving forward and as a Business owner, I need to keep up.  I work for a company that changes all the time for my day job.  I've learned to roll with it...and I do try to embrace it.  I'm fortunate that I came from a family that's always had a computer and the latest software.  I remember when my mom had to insert floppy disks to run programs, lol. 

I was about 16 when cell phones became popular.  My parents had those old Motorola bricks forever!  They paid $0.25 a minute through AT&T, but back then it was only used for true emergencies.  I was part of the Nokia rage and yeah, I had faceplates in every color to match my outfits, lol.  Nowadays, grade school kids have nicer phones then I's crazy I tell you.  I didn't get a phone til I started driving and working.  And til I got my iPhone, I've never had a text messaging plan.  (I just paid as I went, which was really rare unless I was traveling.)

PS...I do think it's okay for kids to have a phone to call their parents and for safety.

The best thing about my day job is that I learn a lot of things to apply to Sparkle Creations.  I've gotten to see the cool and fun things the Marketing side of my department creates.  Which includes social media, ad banners, mobile apps, QR codes, etc.  So, poking through Blogger, I found out that you can now enable a mobile template for your blog.  If you select 'custom' it will even hold your custom blog design!  Neat-o!

I know my google analytics aren't always right on, since so many people only look at blogs through a reader or on Facebook now, but about 5% of my viewers use their cell phones.  I'm sure this number will only continue to grow.  Inside of the template feature, it will also provide the QR code for your blog.  I thought that was neat, as I'll probably start printing the SCRS one on my business cards. 

Okay, I'm sure you're tired of my rambling.  Just thought I would share a few things in case you either haven't switched over yet or didn't know.  I will be back tomorrow with something crafty!  Everyone have a great Thursday!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Sparkle. This post speaks to me as we are considering changing our phones. I don't own a smartphone now, nor do I text or anything on the phone I currently own. However, the choices now are either a not great basic phone (which may/may not be any better than the not great phone I have now) or smartphones and I am chafing at having to spend more per month for technology I don't necessarily want to use for the same reasons you mentioned.

    People tell me though that once you get one and start using it you love it. I'm not convinced though, just yet! All that being said, we may be pulled along given the way technology changes.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  2. OHHH! I love this post--I'm so not into technology! I can't figure it out--so I'm glad you shared all this info. I might have to switch over to the newer version...if I can find out how to do it! And I LOVE that it shares that code thingy....I love scanning codes to see where it takes me on the web! I hope you enjoy your iPhone--I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine! I use it all the time! ALLLLLL the time!

    THANKS for sharing!

  3. I have to say I love my iPhone! I don't own a laptop and don't always have Internet access at work. I'm one if the 5% who look at their google reader thru their smart phones! Great post!


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