Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Project 29 Photos with Instagram

For Christmas, Brent bought me the new iPhone 4s.  It was on sale Black Friday, and since they already activated the phone...he had to give it to me then. :)  I mean, how could I go a full month with no cell phone, lol.  In reality, I don't even use my phone that much.  But I always worry about needing help on the road or something happening to my family...

I know Instagram is a pretty popular app and the nice thing is that it's free.  It's been fun so far, though I'm still learning how to take decent pictures with my iPhone.  After searching around, I found an easy way to get them off my phone and be able to print them myself.  Extragram will load your Instagram feed and I save out the pictures from there onto my computer.  I don't have a photo printer...but I like to be able to edit the pictures.

I re-sized all of these photos in Photoshop CS5 to 3.75 inches by 3.75 inches, so I can print them to fit my Project 29 album.  All year, I've been using Ali Edward's 365 Photo Overlays with my photos to date them.  I checked and these overlays are on sale right now.  I cropped out the dates from the overlays and added them to my photos, so they'd match the rest of my album.  I'll see how I like them once I get them printed.  I'll still use my Cannon to take pictures...so I'm sure in the future, my album will be a mix.
My neighbor's daughter just turned 1 and they had a birthday party for her.  I took this picture while Kendall was enjoying her mini birthday cake.

As many of you know, Brent and I are college rivals.  We don't normally decorate our house since we go home for Christmas every year.  But last year we got a fake tree really cheap on the day after Christmas.  Since we put up the tree on Thanksgiving, I got us stockings. 

While Borders was still clearancing books out, I picked up a bunch for really cheap.  I went when there wasn't that great of a selection left, so I just took whatever I thought would be okay.  I only paid about $2 per book, so even if I hate something, I didn't spend too much, lol. 

I stopped doing book reviews, but this stack was double this size.  In 2012, I'll be trying to get back to doing my book reviews as I finish up books.  I miss documenting them and I think by taking a quick picture of each book when I'm done with motivate me.

For our craft group meeting this week, we went to Scrap That!  After spending the day crafting and exchanging gifts for our Secret Santa, we went out to eat Mexican food.  Danni got me the Scor Buddy and I'm so excited to have it!  Here's me and Cherie at dinner.

Here's me, Suzanne, and Sheila.  We had to take this picture like 6 times, since it was so dark in the restaurant.  Sorry gals...but the rule is, you hang with me, your picture gets taken, lol. 

Sheila's husband wanted out to go to the bathroom.  Sandy and Yvonne were giving him a hard time and told him that Option 1 was to use the mug.  He was a good sport to put up with our crafty craziness, lol.  It was such a great day with the Divas.

On Sunday, our co-worker Phillip's son's wrestling team had a Flapjack Fundraiser at our local Applebee's.  We went to support Carter's team and enjoyed some yummy breakfast!  Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!  


  1. !!!!! Sparks!! We can iMessage now without paying an arm and a leg. Hit me up with a message sometime!

  2. very cute! love the mini pics. :) I am excited to start Project Life next month. :)

  3. OHHH! SUPER fun post-I LOVE the links to these apps (I've never heard of them!)....and I LOVE the vintage feel of some of the photos! I would love to start a Project LIfe album...but I am not sure I would be able to finish it! I lose track of time (since it flies!!!), and I'm sure the week I would start it would be my last! LOL!


  4. i am so tempting to get an iPod touch just so that i can use those apps with the camera on it, i suppose they work on touch, too? =) thanks for sharing, Sparkle and congrats on the new fab phone!!

  5. So fun! Love all the different snaps of everything!

  6. I just got the 4s recently as well and I do love Instagram already. I don't know how you find the time to do everything you do girl! Wonder Woman, I tell ya! :)


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