Saturday, December 31, 2011

Project Life for 2012

Two Christmases ago, Brent got me the famous Fiji Pivi MP 300 mini photo printer.  It's only sold in Japan, but just like Amy Tan and Kelly Purkey, I got mine off of Ebay.  I used it to make one mini album...and it's been sitting on my shelf ever since.  Instead of doing a large album like my Project 29, I decided that I will document my year in mini albums.  We'll see how this goes...but since I have started using Instagram too, I think this will be a good option for me. 

I also own this Canon Selphy photo printer and have also hardly used it.  I have a ton of photo paper for it, so I've decided that I really need to use it up!  And with this printer, I send print from my iPhone, so maybe I'll be more inclined to use it.   

So, to start this new goal...I made the cover to my new mini album.  I used a mix of stuff that I had on hand from my leftover scrapbooking kits.  My project 29 album isn't quite up to date yet, but at least I'm using my stuff!  The 'sparkle' strip is old Scenic Route paper that my friend Sandy gave me.

With this project, I'm learning how to make things flat, lol.  I think it'll be good for my growth in this area.  If I fail miserably at this...hopefully I'll at least have a cool album of Winter CHA, lol.

Anyone doing anything fun for New Years?  Brent and I are going to a masquerade ball with some friends.  Here's the mask I got and I love that it's sparkly, though it's hard to see in the picture.  I hope you all have a lovely and safe New Years!  

Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 10 Highlights of 2011

Today I'm highlighting my favorite parts of 2011.  They're numbered in the order they happened...not necessarily in ranking.  I was very fortunate to travel a lot and meet a ton of people.  The only thing I wish I could of done is spent more time with Brent.  Until we went to Las Vegas for his birthday, we went on separate trips and vacations this year.

As you'll see, this year really was a crafty fulfilling year.  For 2012, I am shifting more towards a business and personal year. 

1. Winter CHA/Anaheim, CA (January) - I started my year out by attending Winter CHA.  I had so much fun meeting and hanging out with everyone!  Ashley Newell and I grabbed these coolio hats from DCWV and while I was goofing off in the TGF booth, Jessica Diedrich took this silly picture of us.

I also got to meet up with my fellow DT members while I was there.  In the photo is Stephanie Kraft, Shaela Odd, me, Kim Yu, and Lisa Hjulberg.  It was fabulous spending time with them and cruising around the show!  I had the pleasure to meet Kelly Purkey, Tim Holtz, Emily Block, Shannan Tuebner, Pat Serrano, Angela Magnuson, Mona Pendleton, Nina B, Tiffany Johnson, and Joy Kennedy.

2. Pajama Crop/Gig Harbor, WA (January) - The following weekend after CHA, I was crazy and drove down to spend the weekend at Corinna McGregor's for our annual Pajama Crop.  I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle Lounds, Angela Thomas, Kim Teasdale, and Jessica Knutsen.  We shopped, crafted, and laughed all weekend!

Corinna sure knows how to be the hostess with the mostest!  We loved and cherished the coffee bar all weekend!  This year, they finally came out with Starbucks K-cups!!  So, I'm even more of a happy camper! 

3. Family Photos (May) - The last family picture we took was at my wedding in 2008.  And that doesn't really count, lol...since it's really a wedding picture.  At the time, Emily was 2 1/2 and Michael had just turned 1.  In this photo, Emily is 5 and Michael is almost 4.  Seeing the kiddos at Christmas this last week, they've grown so much already since this photo was taken.

4. Summer CHA/Rosemont, IL (July) - My vacations this year consisted of going to CHAs, lol.  I went to Chicago for Summer CHA and had a blast again with everyone!  Lisa swears she looks green in this picture, lol...  We had a blast doing make n takes and eating.  Pizza and ice cream really made this trip for us!  I also spend a bit of time with my friend Sandy Allnock from Operation Write Home.

And another homie pic with Jess, lol.  This woman cracks me up.  I really wish I lived so much closer to her and Lisa.  I only get to see them every 6 months.   I also had the pleasure to meet Jenn Shults, Taylor VanBruggen, Karen Giron, Kim van der Sanden, Joanne Basile, Maria Guzman, Leanne Poe, and Kazan Clark. 

5. Visiting Catherine and Katie/Chicago, IL (July) - As most of you know, my BFF lives in Washington, DC. Living across country, we only see each other about once a year.  In reality, my core group of sorority sisters from college are all spread out over the country.  Luckily, Katie also lives in Chicago.  It was wonderful to spend 4 days after CHA with them and catch up.

While we were in Chicago, we also celebrated Catherine's 29th birthday.  We went to this cool dance club, but once we got there, we saw clowns and balloons.  They told us that is it Muhammad's birthday and that he loved clowns.  People started to show up in clown gear, lol, and it was just the beginning of a silly night.  The rest isn't really appropriate for the blog, lol.  But it will definitely be a memorable birthday celebration! 

6. Meeting Blog Friends (August) - Aileen came down to Seattle for work and Peggy tagged along.  On their last day, they came over so Suzanne and I could take them to Impress Rubber Stamps.  After craft shopping, we went to go eat Thai food at my favorite restaurant, Mali Thai.  We ended the night at Starbucks and had such a wonderful evening of laughs and fun!

Laurel also came down to Seattle to celebrate her anniversary and I got to spend a couple of hours with her.  We had a yummy dinner in downtown Seattle at the Hardrock.  Laurel and I have been friends for years, as we both started CTMH about the same time.  It was great to finally meet her.  I look forward to seeing her again this February when she comes back to Seattle!

7. Meeting Kim, Becky, and Karolyn (August) - Kim Hughes and Becky Olson came to Seattle this last summer.  I had the pleasure of meeting them and spending a crafty weekend together between hanging out at Impress and Ellen Hutson's.  Karolyn, Kim, and Becky are definitely a fun bunch to hang with!  PS...Karolyn was this years Paper Crafts Stamping Royalty I really was surrounded by crafting queens!

I also hold a special place in my heart for Kim, as when my company was only 1 month old, she created and highlighted 2 Sparkle Creations cards on her blog.  This was long before she started Paper Smooches, but I will always be forever grateful for her helping out the little guy.  Kim has such a gracious heart and I'm so glad to have gotten to know her a little bit better.

8. 4 Weddings (September and October) - This fall Brent and I went to 4 weddings.  At Allison's wedding, they had a kid room filled with fun props and things to do.  Brent stole corn dogs off the children's dinner table and we stopped to take this fun picture. 

9. Intermediate Copic Certification/Langley, BC (October) - I signed up to do my Intermediate Copic class in Langley.  I got to spend the weekend with Thanh, Aileen, and Peggy!  Such a fun group of gals and I loved the class!  I'm still working on those light sources, lol.

10. Brent's 30th Birthday/Las Vegas, NV (November) - I had been planning this surprise party since July 2010.  You can bet that I was super excited to finally get to tell Brent and hit the road!  I am so blessed that Brent's friends have lovely significant others and I always have such a great time with these ladies!

And here's a picture of me and Brent in our matching outfits.  Overall, it was a good trip for Brent and Scott.  While I was down there, I did get to eat lunch with Shaela and pick up our aprons for CHA!

I'm getting ready to start it all over, lol.  In 30 days I'll be flying down to Anahiem to exhibit at Winter CHA!  Even if your year wasn't as eventful or cheery, I hope that you all can have peace with 2011 and start fresh for 2012!  Everyone have a safe holiday weekend!

One Little Word for 2012

With the new year almost here...I have picked a new word to represent 2012.  I would of never thought to pick this word, until someone else picked it last year in Ali's One Little Word class.  I am taking the class again this year and I have decided to pick the word 'sparkle'.

I know some will think it's cliche to pick my own name, but through this upcoming year, my main goal is to focus on growth for Sparkle Creations.  I think by choosing the word 'sparkle,' it will remind me to focus on myself and my company.  I also turn 30 this year, so it will be a very monumental year. 

Past Words
2010 - Strive
2011 - Balance

I struggled with my word this last year, especially since my day job required a lot of my focus and time this last fall.  Unfortunately, it's what pays the bills, so I can't neglect either of my jobs.  I'm still trying to find a good balance between my two jobs.  Without Stephanie, I don't know how I would of made it through 2011.  I am forever grateful for her hard work and dedication to our team. 

Once I share my goals, I'll go more into depth of how this will all flow together.  I look forward to starting off the new year and hope for many blessings.  Have you chosen a word for 2012 yet?  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December Project 29 Photos

Over the next few days I'll be posting about my new goals, my new one little word, and recapping 2011. I have a couple of crafty posts weaved in between, but please bare with me while I ramble.  I promise that after I get it all out and down, it will go back to full on craftiness.

We went to go meet up with my bestie Shannon, her husband Will, and her daughter Alex.  We went and had breakfast at Helser's, a cute little place in Portland.  It was really great to spend some time with them and catch up.
This is the Christmas tree at my In-laws.  They celebrate on Christmas Eve, so we went over for dinner and then opened gifts.
Michael wanted to play Angry Birds, so I let him use my phone.  Somewhere along the way, he decided to start taking pictures instead, lol.  First stop, picture of Emily, who is showing off her lovely penmanship.  She'll write just as nicely as I do! 

Then Emily took my phone from Michael and took a picture of her feet and her lovely picture of Bambi.  Gotta love the artist heart that she has.  I'm sure she'll be coloring better than I pretty soon. :)

Then Michael wanted to take a picture of us.  They know to tap on the screen, but they really don't know how to focus while taking pictures.  All of the pictures they took are either grainy or blurry, but hey, gotta love the efforts of a 5 and 4 year old. 

The funniest thing was that Michael kept singing, "O Come, All Ye Faithful."  I mean, what 4 year old do you know has all the words memorized?  Don't most 4 year olds sing Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, or Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer?  Anna said he learned it at school and no one else knows the words.  Well, lucky for him, I do know the words, so I could sing in Christmas spirit with him. 

I took this picture of Michael while he was dancing around. Such a silly boy! I really do wish I got to spend more time with my little brother and sister. All of my family was there, but I realize that I didn't get any pictures of my brother Brien or my SIL Myra.

In Oregon, there's no sales tax, so I had to go shopping. You can't beat 50% off and no sales tax. I tax is like an extra 10% off, since our sales tax in Washington is 9.5%. I really went out to buy Christmas stuff for next year, but snuck in some craft shopping at Craft Warehouse. Gotta love the wall of 6x6 paper pads.

For Christmas, Anna cooked all Hmong food.  Hmong salad is the best and Emily decided to take a picture of it with my phone.  She later took a picture when the bowl was empty, lol.  Guess she wanted me to know that she actually finished it.

While I was out After Christmas shopping, I found this Snoppy for 50% off.  I have no idea what I would with it, but I really, really wanted it.  I had better judgement and didn't buy it.  I told Brent about it later and he gave me a weird look.  Maybe I should of bought it, lol. 

Well, I am back home and back at work.  Everyone have a great hump day!  I hope you all had a great holiday and hope you're all excited for what 2012 will bring us!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bookworm Ruby Bookmark

When we drew for Secret Santa, I got my boss. She's an avid mystery reader like I, so I added to her collection of Agatha Christie books.  I got her Death on the Nile and The Body in the Library.  I also made her this bookmark. 

Cheryl likes orange, and in hindsight, I probably should of used Lime Rickey or Lauderdale to make this. But I thought Out of Print was more suited for a book theme.

I took today off, so I'll be catching up on orders and cleaning my house.  I hope to get back to crafting as well.  Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, December 26, 2011

LOVE Jugglabella Card

I hope you all had a great Christmas!  It's been a lovely time, but hectic with visiting all of my family.  I got Barnes and Noble gift cards, iTunes gift cards, a couple of books, a juicer, a stylus for my iPhone, and the new Boyz II Men CD.  Brent and I also got money to go towards our trip to Cabo in April, so over all, it was a really blissful Christmas.

I've been wanting to use my Piccadilly paper, so I made a valentine card with it.  This Bella is my favorite valentine image, so I knew I would have to break her out.  I also used Repeat Impressions Sketch #D1411 for this. 

I'm updating this from my iPhone, so I don't have access to create my product links.  I will add them later, so email me if you have any questions!  I'm going to brave the mall today...I am looking for ornaments for my tree next year, present bows, and some OSU Beaver slippers.  Wish me luck, lol!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

You Are Here - Gift Card Holder

My niece Breana turns 15 today.  Here in the Seattle/Tacoma area, they don't do driver's ed classes at the high school.  So most parents are forking out an arm and a leg to pay for private driver's ed classes.  Breana has been studying for her permit and all she wanted for Christmas and her birthday this year was driver's ed classes.  Since the classes are quite expensive, Brent and I decided to contribute a small part.

I'm pretty proud of myself, the only thing stamped on here is 'lift.'  I used up stickers and chipboard pieces from my leftover Yellowstone albums I made my MIL amd Brent's Grandma last Christmas.  But this paper pack really was suited just perfectly for the occasion. 

Brent's family opens gifts today, so I'll be celebrating with the Smith's.  I'll also be seeing one of my besties Shannon.  I'm very excited to see her and catch up! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Pucker Up Cupid Emily!

Sorry...I'm a day late. With still working this week and trying to get ready for Christmas, I'm just running behind.  I just love this paper pack!!  I was so fortunate that Jeanne had given me a pack for my birthday last year and then Peggy gave me another pack this last summer.  You can never go wrong with pink and green.

I also used Skipping Stone Sketch #106 for this.  I'm still waiting for the new Kissing Booth paper to come out, so I'm trying to use up as much of my old paper as I can.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!  I'll be busy with family and all the normal traditional stuff.  I hope everyone gets what they really want!!