Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Project 29 Photos and Goal Updates

Nothing crafty today, just my Project 29 photos and an update on my goals. I've been thinking of my 2012 goals already and I also have a word picked out. I know I won't get anything else done between now and January that's on my list, so as long as I do okay with sales, I'll be happy.

I always get sideways comments about being too ambitious and trying to accomplish too much.  But I think if you don't try hard enough, you don't try to accomplish challenging things.  Sometimes you fail, sometimes you make it.  If you never try, how would you know, right?

Work Goals
  • Learn Flash
  • Complete Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials
  • Technical Writing Class
I have in mind what my work goals for next year will be and they're completely different. I will be taking the Technical Writing Class, so that's the only thing that will roll over. I think my new goals will be much more achievable.

SCRS Goals
  • Sell enough stamps to pay for each release - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
  • Attend CHA (Winter and Summer)
  • Copic Intermediate Certification Class
Personal Goals
  • DSLR Photo Class
  • Visit Catherine (my bff)
  • Re-dedicating myself to making my Christmas cards and tags
  • Surprise trip for Brent's 30th birthday
My word for this year is balance and I've been horrible at it, lol. Goal wise, I've done much more for myself and for Sparkle Creations. Time wise, I've had to put alot of it into my day career - especially the last few months. I haven't quite worked this it may have to be a lingering background word through 2012.   

After working long days couped up in my closed office at work, I had something planned every weekend of October.  How was that possible?!?  I'm honestly not quite sure how I made it in one piece, lol.
The 2nd Saturday is our normal crafting day for my group.  Here is a group shot of most of us!  It was our last time to see Sam, as she moved to Arizona.  It was a sad going away party, as we all will miss Sam a ton.
We down to Portland to attend wedding #3.  Here is a picture me, Paula, and Sherilee.  The wedding was really nice, but kindof turned into a crazy drama night.  Not on our end, but silly guests will be silly guests.
I drove up to Langley, BC to attend the Intermediate Copic class.  I had such a lovely weekend with Peggy, Aileen, and Thanh.  I wish I would of had more time, but it's always great to meet up with my blog buddies!  PS...I will do my post on the Copic class tomorrow.

I hope you all have a great Thursday!  Grey's and Private Practice are on tonight! 



  1. I appreciate this post, Sparkle and am glad you answered those who might scoff at the goals you set for yourself. I think it's great that you do it, for the very reason you said you do it! Way to go.

    You have been pretty darn busy there, friend. Hope you don't burn out. But, it sure looks like you were having fun letting loose a bit on the weekends!

    Thanks again for sharing.

  2. I completely, utterly know what you mean about setting goals and being over ambitious! I always set my goals high and aim for "perfection" and even though I feel as if I have "failed" - my friends tell me otherwise. They don't know how I deal with so much and not get stressed out but what they don't know or see is me not getting enough sleep! lol) I won't complain though, I love the rush of having a few projects on the go!

    I always love reading your goals; I love writing down lists and they always remind me to set mine! I think your goals will be achievable next year (at least if you haven't set the bar too high, Sparks! LOL). You are a girl who knows what she wants and is going to work smart to get them! Plus you've told me about your vacation time so there will be time to rest and relax in there too! Congrats on all that you've achieved this far. :)

    We MUST get together again soon... maybe Ger and I can drive down the Oregon coast next year and stop by and say hi to you and Brent on the way? Hmm... Okay.. I wrote a book. lol TTFN

  3. I agree, that if you don't set challenging goals you're far less likely to accomplish things that are worthwhile. I was HORRIBLE with my goals this year, so I'm going to try harder next year.

    p.s. I love your project 29, it has totally inspired me. :) I'm going to do a project 30 starting in January, but I just have my little point-and-shoot, so my pictures probably won't be all that great, haha.

  4. I live vicariously through you and your goal setting...I should do that and I have 'mental' goals but haven't written them down to become accountable for them...LOL.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nice to see you've checked off a bunch of stuff on your goals list! I'm still working on mine (well, the ones in my head, anyway! *lol*)

  6. You've achieved a lot but I totally know what you mean- I think as women we always strive to do everything and try to push ourselves! Glad you made it all in one piece!! Lovely pics!


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