Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Daffodil Charlotte Card, Some Changes, and Life

So first off, we decided to make the Sparkle Creations challenges bi-weekly.  It will give you all more time to participate and I hope to have more participation in our challenges.  I know it's hard to compete with the hundreds of challenge blogs already out there, but I truly do love and appreciate those who do take the time to play along with us!

We also split the design team into 2 teams, so we'll still be posting on the SCRS blog every Tuesday.  I'm on Team B, so I'll always be posting on the 2nd week of each challenge. 

It's one of my best friend's birthday this Sunday.  I made this card for her and for my Sparkle Creations challenge last week.  I was so busy preparing for my class on teaching upgrades to software, I never got around to posting it.  I was so excited to come home from my Copic class and then had to laugh hysterically when I realized that our challenge was 'no coloring.' 

While I was up in Canada, I got to spend time with Peggy.  She took me to Clippers and of course I bought the new Basic Grey paper!  I am just loving the new Picadilly set!  I was very disturbed though, as they didn't have the buttons and brads for either Picadilly or Little Black Dress. 

I drove to all of my local scrapbooking places in my area and no one has them either!!!  Um, this is a major craft crisis, lol.  I was trying to avoid shopping online, but I guess I'll have to put an order in. 

I caved and bought one of these bags.  This isn't my picture, but just wanted to show you an idea of what I've been up to.  The case holds 380 markers...a full set of Sketch markers is 346.  I love that the first thing Brent said to me when I showed him was, "Are you missing some markers?"

I bought 10 plastic cases that hold 36 markers each.  I'm going to line them up on my desk and then can just put the cases into the bag.  The bag will only hold 8 of the cases, so I'll have to leave some of my markers behind when I travel away from home. 

We're 9 days away from our annual manager's conference.  I have to miss Seattle CKC, my normal craft group weekend, and Stamp Night at Impress.  But I truly love attending our work conferences, so I know I'll have a great time.  We're also 15 days away from Brent's birthday!  I am so excited for it! 

Everyone have a great hump day.  I'll be back tomorrow with my Project 29 photos and my goal updates!


  1. Busy, busy! Wow...thanks for the great update on your life. Wow on the Copics...didn't realize they had so many colors.

    Have a great rest of your week!

  2. Your card is beautiful, and I'm so jealous you got to hang out with Peggy~FUN!

  3. You're right - that is a craft crisis, lol. But holy cow, what an awesome bag!!! I want one now, hahaha.

  4. so cute, love the black flower!

  5. Beautiful card! Sweet bag!

    I can't believe the "no coloring" challenge was right after your Copic class?!

  6. LOOOOVE that case- WOW! beautiful! I also love how you're linking the items at the end of the post w/ pics- is that a new blogger feature or did you somehow do that? I am so behind, LOL! I love it though!

  7. Gorgeous card! I'll miss seeing you this month!! and I wondered if you'd get the copic case, can't wait to check it out whenever I do see ya!

  8. LOL Yes, that is a HUGE craft crisis in the world of Sparkle! You gave me a good laugh there lady.

    Did you and Peggy end up eating your leftover cupcakes or did you forget about them in the fridge? LOL!

  9. I love your card! the carrying case is pretty cool.. :)

  10. beautiful card! and gl with everything!

  11. Great card! I've been eyeing that Copic bag too... Hmmmm... I might have to put it on my Christmas list! :)

  12. Your creations always make me smile and this is no exception!
    Have the best weekend ever!

  13. Love the case- got it too!! Thanks for posting it on my wall!! Super fun card!! Sorry about your shopping crisis! Lol!

  14. What a stunning card, Sparkle! I love the way the image looks here!
    and what an amazing case! Unfortunately, all of the Copics that I own fits in that lil tiny tote there on the side, lol! Enjoy!
    hugs, margie

  15. Very pretty card!! I love how the image looks uncolored against the pretty papers and embellies you used! That copics case looks neat - not sure I'd have room to keep it out in my room lol. It already looks like a tornado went through it!

  16. Striking card, Sparkle! The black and white image combined with those DPs really gives it a vintage country feel. How fun to showcase the supplies use, too!!

  17. This is a lovely card. I love the bright colours, they make the 'no colours' image really pop out. Thanks also for the kind comment you left at mine. :)

  18. First off--OHHHH! That card is GORGEOUS! Your friend will love it--I LOVE the papers and the hint of orange! OH! LUSH:)

    Second- HOOOOORAY for meeting with friends and getting some new BG!

    Third---OHHHHH! I LOOOOOOVE that bag for your markers! Do you own any Copics? Do you think Sketch are better? I would love to know--I'm thinking of buying the complete set of one or the other! I need some advice:)

    And hoooooray for enjoying work conferences!!! Hope you have a safe trip:) HUGS!!!!


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