Monday, April 18, 2011

Computer Woes and Project 29

Last Friday, my work laptop died.  :(  I've had that since I moved to the Corporate Office, so I was really sad to see it go.  IT pulled out my hard drive and stuck it into another computer.  It seemed to be okay, but as I was trying to get some manual stuff done, I noticed that my Photoshop wasn't working.  So, that is why I have been MIA all weekend and why I still don't have a card to share with you all today.

Luckily, I worked ahead, so I do have at least a photo to share with you.  I hope to get things fixed ASAP and hope to be back tomorrow with my next Sparkle Creations challenge card. 

The second Saturday of each month is my when I hang out with my craft group.  It's been about a year and a half since we started this group on Splitcoast, and I'm truly blessed to have such a great crafty group of friends. 

We normally stay at Julia's house all day, but since we were also celebrating my birthday - Suzanne, Yvonne, and I left early to go play Bingo at Muckleshoot Casino.  Unfortunately, none of us had our Muckleshoot Moment, but the Jackpot of $14,000 was won that night. 
This was our first time ever playing, so now we finally understand how things work.  Since we were newbies and knew nothing, I almost feel like we need another Bingo experience, lol.  I really want a cool sparkly green dauber now!

I hope you all have a fabulous's back to work for me.  Wish me luck on my computer issues!


  1. Computer woes must be going around, since my laptop died last week. I am hoping mine is just needs a new battery, which is coming tomorrow.

    Love your pictures. Looks like a great time.

  2. Oh gosh, sorry to hear about your computer troubles! Fingers and toes crossed that you are back to business soon!

    Looks like you had a blast, even though you didn't win the big jackpot. You gotta share if you find a green sparkly dauber. *Ü*

  3. So sorry about your computer. So glad you had a great time. Have an excellent weekend :)

  4. hope you had a great bday!
    I wanted to let you know that I finally took the Grey's plunge and 2 episodes in I was hooked. I started from season 1 and am on season 3 now. LOL

  5. Can't wait for you to show cards :) ..I love Bingo but am to embarrassed to go play LOL!!!

  6. So sorry about your computer!!

    Fun photo of you guys! glad you had fun!

  7. O man!! Bummer about your computer being fried! I hope you get it fixed real soon. I love that you get to spend time with your crafty friends doing other non-crafty things. :) Thanks for sharing that fun photo! Have a great day!

  8. hope your computer works soon! have a good Monday!

  9. Sorry about your computer! How cool to have a craft group!

  10. LOL...muckleshoot moment...that cracked me up!

    Sorry about your computer stuff..

  11. Nice photo, where's the "Like" button?
    Hope your computer is up and going!


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