Monday, February 21, 2011

Celebrate Today with Celebrating Chloe and Book Review: Persuader

First, I'm gonna do a little bit of housekeeping.  I have decided not to sell my cards anymore.  With my hopes to have my own booth at CHA next year, I want to be able to keep all of the extra cards I make.  I still have some contracted wedding cards that I will honor, but that will be it.  I really appreciate everyone who has supported me in my Etsy shop, my website, and my card box at my day job. 

Wednesday is my friend Alanna's birthday and this is the card I made her.  I pre-colored this image before I knew what I was gonna use it for, so it doesn't look anything like Alanna at all.  But I still think Chloe came out darling!  I'm still working on that darker skin and not looking sunburned look, lol. 

Paper: My Minds Eye Fine and Dandy
Stamps: SCRS Celebrating Chloe, sentiment is PTI
Nestabilities, Copics, Prima Flowers, Pearls, PTI Buttons, Rhinestones, and Crystal Stickles

I bought this book in the airport on my way to CHA.  Like the other Reacher novel book I've read, I didn't really like how the book ended, lol.  Overall, I loved the book though.  It was highly action packed, very suspenseful and I always wanted to know what would happen next.

A guy is illegally shipping guns and explosives in and out of the country.  The Feds kidnap this guy's son to get Reacher into their corrupted system and figure out what they're doing and to go save an undercover cop who went missing 8 weeks ago. 

This is your typical murder mystery - thriller - suspense book. The reason why I didn't like how it ended, was because they don't really explain what happened to the cops who helped Reacher save the undercover cop.  It just ends with Reacher going onto his next destination. 

I hope you all have a fabulous's back to work for me, though most of you probably have today off!  Hawaii Five-O and Bachelor are on tonight.  I really want his date with Emily to go well...


  1. Gorgeous card - i love how you achieve the darker skin look. i dont think it looks sunburnt

  2. Beautiful, Sparkle! The darker coloring is done extremely well and the colors in the card are so pretty. Great job!

    Thanks for the book review. I enjoy seeing what you are reading. I've been on an inspirational fiction kick lately and just finished, "The Girl in the Gatehouse" by Julie Klassen. This book reminds me of the style of Jane Austen's writing. The girl is a young lady who was sent away by her family after a scandal and details the life she creates while living in a gatehouse near a big estate. She's even an authoress but has to publish anonymously due to the fact that at the time period of the novel, ladies just didn't do things like that. I really enjoyed it.

    Have a great start to your week!

  3. Darling card and awesome coloring! Thanks for the book review. I like to see what you are reading too. Might have to pick of these up some time. I am reading "the host" by Stephenie Meyer. I really like it.

  4. Great idea to save your card for an upcoming (eek! exciting!) booth some day! That means you'll be TWICE as tired but hopefully we'll still get to hang out, LOL! Adorable card- love all the pink today!

  5. Great card!! can't wait for CHA next year!!!

  6. I think you colored her beautifully :) She is so festive and wonderful - I am sure this will be a treasured birthday card! I'm an avid book reading and loved hearing your review!

  7. Such a fun sweet card! Love the glitzed up balloons!

  8. Great card Sparkle. Your coloring of the skin looks great. In my dreams, I would be tan and have lots of color. LOL

  9. So cute Sparkle! I can't wait to see a SCRS booth at CHA!!!
    I really hope things goes well tonight with Emily, fingers crossed!

  10. Such a fun card...she doesn't look sunburned:) I had yesterday AND I have today off...woot woot!

  11. love her dark skin. beautiful card, Sparkle!

  12. Super cute card. Chloe's skin doesn't look burnt. Haha!

    Let me know if you'd like some help making samples for CHA.

    <3 Jenn


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