Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top 10 Highlights of 2010 and Love is Everything Jugglabella Card

Do you have stamps that you just love and use all the time? I feel guilty because I have un-inked Bellas sitting in my room and here I am using a Bella that I've used a ton of times, lol.  I think she's my favorite Valentine Bella.   This card turned out a bit more artsy for me, but I still love how the red really stands out.

Paper: Basic Grey Sugar Rush
Stamp: Stamping Bella
Prima Flowers, EK Success Border Punch, BG Chipboard Pieces, Pearls, Nestabilities, Copics, and Crystal Stickles

Since I pretty much took last week off of blogging, I never got to do a highlight or recap post of this last year.  I must say that 2010 was a pretty eventful year for Brent and I.  These are my favorite moments of the year and they're numbered chronologically. 

1. 2010 Winter Olympics/Vancouver, BC (January) - We went to the men's semi-final hockey game and though we've been to Vancouver, BC many times, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

2. 10 Year High School Reunions (June) - Here is a picture of Nicci (my high school bff), me, and Jessie.  Though I hadn't seen Nicci since high school (major teen drama, lol) it was really great to catch up with her.  Since it's my blog...I don't need to share a picture of Brent's reunion, lol.

3. Opened Sparkle Creations (July) - Here's one of my very first cards and I still love it!  I truly appreciate all the comments, support, and love for my growing company!  I look forward to what 2011 will bring us!

4. My First 5K (July) - I run on an elliptical machine all the time at the gym...but this was the first time I've actually really done something outside and with others.  I hope to do many more in 2011.

5. Yellowstone Park (July) - Brent's family had their reunion there and it was our first time ever going to Yellowstone.  We even got to see a bear while we were taking a tour of the park.

6. Met My Life Idol (August) - Her name is Ellen and she's 81.  I always say I'll be lucky to live til I'm 80.  Ellen loves to craft and cut out little details on things.  I hope to still be crafting that good at that age!  Ellen is sitting to the right of me, in the white tank top.

7. Meeting Blog Friends - I flew out to Las Vegas for work, so each day while I was there, Shaela was so sweet to have me come over for dinner and then we would craft into the night!

Nicole came to Seattle from Boise, as her husband was doing some work out here.  Though we only had time to do dinner, I was happy to finally get to meet one of my oldest blog friends from my CTMH days.

Thanh came down from Vancouver to visit some friends and do some American shopping!  We had a blast at the mall and I even got to take her to Impress Rubber Stamps!

8. Made New Friends - The whole group isn't in the photo, but this year I found a fabulous crafting group and we meet the 2nd Saturday of each month.  This photo is from CKC Seattle, which was in November.  I hope once Danni Bindel moves to WA, she'll at least join us a few times.  I'm sure I can twist her arm into going to a few OWH parties! :) 

9. 5 Year Anniversary for My Day Job - At times it seems like forever, yet sometimes it still seems like I just started.  During this time, we moved to Denver, CO and Seattle, WA.  This year, I also lost my favorite co-worker...but I gained 3 lovely new people into our department. 

The photo above is our Training Department photo from the Manager's Conference.  Below is our good-bye lunch party for Josh before he moved to Washington, DC.

Overall, I would say we had a very blissful year.  I look forward to this new year with new goals, new trips, and new adventures!  I hope you all have a fabulous hump day! 


  1. Pretty cards Sparks and wonderful pics...

  2. Excellent card, Sparkle. Bright and happy, just like you! Thanks for the recap of your excellent year. Love the photos. I hope this year is at least equally exciting and fabulous!

  3. Such a cute card! love the recap, looks like you had a great year!

  4. sweet card and I think you had a pretty fabbie 2010...congrats!

  5. I feel honored to have made your year-end wrap-up :) It was definitely a highlight of my year meeting one of my stamp idols! Love the card, too!

  6. Cute card! Looks like you guys had an amazing year!

  7. Gorgeous cards and so nice pictures. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. lovely card and looks like you had an eventful 2010! best wishes in 2011!

  9. What a great year, Sparkle! And don't forget that you've given us all so much inspiration too!

    Love your card - as usual!!

  10. I have that bella and always forget her!! Love your card and what a great post!

  11. wow, you HAVE had a busy year!! You coming to Vegas was definitely a highlight for me, hehe. I'll be coming to Seattle hopefully sometime this year, so I'll expect the same kind of hospitality, lol!! ;)

    can't wait to see what 2011 holds for you and Sparkle Creations - it's going to be great, I just know it!! :)

  12. love your darling card! thanks for sharing your year. hope you have many more prosperous ones to come!

  13. adorable card Sparkle!
    love how you post the year's's a good life, isn't it?!
    hugs & blessings!

  14. I have loads of new stamps still untouched in their original packaging! ;)

    Your card is lovely Sparkle! What an awesome year you had! I'm glad I got to know you a little better in 2010. And I know 2011 is gonna be even better!!!!:)

  15. FABULOUS Spark. I love all your pictures.

  16. Seems like it was a great year for you!!! Thanks for sharing and do enjoy all the photos!


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