Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Tags, Book Review: Bitter Is the New Black and Goal Updates

Last year I waited too long to make tags and ended up having to buy some from Impress.  I vowed and made it a goal this year to get my tags done on time!  Though there's only 4 designs here, I actually made 4 of each design.

It's been so long since I've made anything without coloring.  I really need to get the rest of the SU spots and I don't know what I was thinking...I should of gotten the matching PTI ones too, lol. 

    I used scraps to make all of my tags...just small pieces I had left over from my cards.  Things I learned:
    1. I need to make the To and From part separate from the tag. I stamped this on the back and then realized I couldn't sew through.
    2. I need permanent ink to use Stickles...though I probably won't invest in this since I rarely solid stamp anymore. So I opted for rhinestones instead.
    Another popular question that many of you have asked me is when do I read?  I read during my lunch breaks at work and while I take baths at night.  To save time in general, I've just learned to multi-task, like how I color images while watching TV. 

    I actually started this book before 61 Hours...but I didn't actually read the last few pages until after I finished 61 Hours, lol.  I bought 61 Hours because I knew I would be done with this book soon, but I guess I just forgot to actually finish it before I started my next book.  I actually got this one from 

    This book is about a lady in her mid-30's and gets laid off from her job.  She was a VP of a huge corporate company and it shows how she went from a six figure income to doing temp jobs. It's totally chick lit and funny, but being a business major and into finance, I found it entertaining and cute. 

    Lastly, it's the beginning of the month and it's time to check in with my goals.  I knew I had skipped October, but looking back, I actually skipped September too.  Guess I need to work on that for 2011, lol.  

    Pay off the fridge, washer, and dryer
    Technical writing class (for work)
    Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials (for work) - I finally learned how to make animated GIF files!  I'm hoping that means I'll be able to make my own blinkies soon!
    Get Copic certified
    Make tags with my Christmas cards
    Open Sparkle Creations
    Use up more of what I already have
    Buy only what I actually need for crafting - I was doing really well not buying any stamps (I even skipped the Amuse anniversary sale) but I caved and went in on a Bella order with Shaela.  And obviously I got the one stamp set to make my tags as well.  Could of been worse I suppose, lol.

    Everyone have a fabulous Monday!  It's back to work for me!  And Hawaii 5-0 tonight!


    1. Love your tags! I've been working on a few myself, but have been too lazy to post them...

      After you mentioned Hawaii 5-0, I checked it out on demand...and I'm really enjoying it! I don't watch it live because we watch Castle on ABC on Monday nights, so it's awesome that I can catch up with it the next day!

      Hope you have a great week!


    2. Your tags look terrific, Sparkle! I know you really enjoy coloring, but it's also nice to see what else you can create so wonderfully!

      Thanks as always for the book review and for sharing how you are accomplishing your goals. It's very inspiring!

      Hope you have a terrific week!

    3. Super cute tags. I love all the PTI goodness on them.

    4. Awesome tags, Sparkle -- I really like how you tweaked one basic design into so many gorgeous creations! Thanks for the reminder to get moving on my tag supply.

      Hurray for the impressive progress on your admirable goals, too!!

    5. Love your tags!

      Great job on your goals! I forget to look back over them and see how I did, which usually means I don't get them done....LOL!

    6. LOVE your tags....soooo fun!!!! haha...I was wondering where you had time to read....I try to blurf during my lunch..

    7. Great tags, I really should make more myself!
      LOL @ skipping the Amuse sale, saved me $$ too! :)

    8. I love your tags!!! So cute! I love making tags, and really need to set a goal myself...

    9. Great tags! Love all of the details on them!

    10. REALLY cute tags! I really enjoy your sharing of your goals and books with us-I think that's so great!

    11. your tags are awesome! my goal is to make gift tags this month and give them out as early presents.

      thanks for the book suggestion... im putting that on my wish list!

      Also congrats on accomplishing your goals in Oct!!

    12. wonderful tags! they came out so cute and sweet! have a great week!

    13. Sparkle, your Tags are so pretty !

    14. your tags are adorable!! And the Bellas are probably waiting for us at my house... I trekked off to AZ at the last minute on Friday but I'll be home tomorrow. :)

    15. WOW!! your tags are AWESOME!

    16. These are really pretty. Sometimes it's nice not having to color, huh? I need to get crackin' and make some myself.

      Breaks at work are pretty much the only time I have to read too. And sometimes before bed if I'm not too tired. This book sound good.

      <3 Jenn

    17. Your tags are truly beautiful!! I love each and every one of them!

    18. these are such beautiful tags!

    19. Those tags are Fabulous! :-)Traci


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