Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catching Up with Life

I've been so extremely busy the last few weeks, I feel like I haven't share with you all everything that's been going on.  A couple weeks ago, I got pulled out of the office to teach a training class.  This is what I used to do when I lived and worked in Denver.  I had a full class of 10 and as always, I do miss the fun parts of teaching class.

Then on the last day of class, I had previously signed up to do a 5K.  So after a long week of teaching, I rushed after work on Friday to do the 5K.  We did it in under an hour...but I will admit we cheated.  A part of the course was in the park and there was a snow cone stand.  Yes, I got tempted and stopped.  It was so hot out and I was exhausted from teaching.  We could of gotten a much better time had we not stopped. :)

Then even more crazy as I am...I woke up at 6:30am the next morning to head down to Vancouver, Washington to attend a card making party for Operation Write Home.  My friend Sandy runs this operation and it's nice to be doing something crafty and helping out the troops. 

While I was down in Vancouver, I met my life idol, Ellen.  She's an 81, dear old little lady and she can still craft as good as I can!  She loves to cut out little detail pieces of paper and she loves her Copic markers! :)  I really hope that I can still craft that well when I am that old. 

Then this last week, my family came up from Portland to attend a wedding.  I was extremely excited, since this is the first time my parents have come up to visit me and see the house.  It's hard for them to travel with Em and Mike, so I totally understand.  And since Brent and I come down so much, it's just easier for us to go home most of the time.

Emily was so excited to come and see her 'big sister.'  Michael felt jealous and started to run around saying, "I too, I too!"  Gotta love kids at this age.  I really do wish I got to see them more.  And they're both going to pre-school this fall.  Just precious!  Emily - happy to see her old friends and Michael - just happy that he FINALLY gets to go with Em, lol. Last year he cried everyday because he couldn't go to school.

Finally, last Saturday one of my best friends came up from Portland to visit.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures!  Oh, my.  But I haven't seen Shannon since New Years, so we had tons to talk about.  I think I talked too much to remember to take pictures, lol.  But I've been friends with Shannon since we were roomies in college and pledged the sorority together, so I have tons of pics of us. 

Here is a picture of me, Catherine, and Shannon.  With all of us living in different states (Washington, Oregon, and Washington, DC), it's rare that we're all together anymore.  But when we are, we always take a "roomies" shot.  If you were to look through my college scrapbooks, all you would see are pics of the 3 of us together, just like this, lol.  I miss my girls so much! 

Anyways, I hope you all have a great hump day!  I will be back tomorrow with another Sparkle Creations card.


  1. Sounds like life has been busy but FUN! Enjoyed seeing your photos. :) Now if only I had time to do some crafting...

  2. What a fun post, Sparkle! Thanks for sharing your very busy, but very fun life with us.

    And I do think you'll be crafting and coloring with your Copics until the end of your days! No doubt about it in my mind!

  3. You have been busy. It's been fun getting a glimpse into your life.

  4. Oh my goodness girl, I am tired just reading about your week! :-D And by the way, I am pretty certain you'll be a crafting and coloring queen well into your later years!!

  5. You've been busy! Looks like fun:) It's always wonderful to catch up with friends. No I don't think Wes has changed LOL! I was hoping Gia would stay because I was curious to see where that was going. He's like a modern day Shakespeare you know;)

  6. Busy times, Sparkle, and definitely the way to enjoy life!

  7. sounds like a fun, busy time! :)

  8. WOW, don't know how you find the time to do it all. Sounds as if your enjoying yourself though which is the most important part.

    Love all your photos & the updates. the kiddos are too cute and I can so relate to missing all my college friends.

  9. Wow, congrats on the 5K! Sounds like you have been having a great time!

  10. Such cute pics! TFS!

    Great job on the 5K. No worries for stopping just a bit!


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