Thursday, April 1, 2010

TGF Release Day and Card Drive

ETA: Sorry, I've been having major browser, internet, and computer issues. Plus Blogger has been wonky on my end of stuff too. I can't upload anything right now, but will be back later after work to mess around with it. I still wanted to at least post the deets for the card drive. Since I've been having so many issues lately, I'll be recapping my goals on a later day. Thanks!

It's release day and there's no April Fool's joke here when we say that all new releases are now available in the TGF Store! We hope you've enjoyed our previews this week! Today is a great day and we're so happy you're along for the ride!

Today we are also excited and honored to announce the 1st "TGF Cares" Charity Card Drive. This is something that TGF has been wanting to do for a long time and we have finally been able to put together a card drive for a cause very close to our hearts. A few years ago, Jessica was introduced to a family who was only a few weeks away from losing their two-year old daughter, whose name was also Jessica.

Through this terrible tragedy, the family couldn't say enough about how wonderful the Ronald McDonald House was to them. (Please see Jessica's blog for more on this touching story and how TGF customers can help put a smile on the faces of many in need of them!)

There are so many sick children whose families do nothing short of moving mountains for these kids to help them get well. Not only is it important to lift the spirits of these courageous children, but also the families-the parents, siblings, and relatives during all of the emotional ups and downs of a child's fight for life.

TGF is proud and honored to be collecting cards that will go to the RMH in Minneapolis as well as the Fairview Children's Hospital, parents, and siblings of these petite patients during the long and brave journey of theirs. {Please be sure to stop by the TGF BLOG today for complete details on this special contest close to our hearts.}

And now...for what's up for grabs:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER will take home the ENTIRE APRIL RELEASE plus (1) 4x6 in stock set of choice PLUS a surprise gift (it's a big one, trust us!)

3 FIRST PRIZE winners will choose 2 IN-STOCK 4x6 sets of their choice EACH!

We hope that our first ever TGF CARES card drive is a huge success and can't thank you enough for wanting to be a part of it.

Everyone have a fabulous Thursday! I can't wait for Grey's and Private Practice!

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  1. hope you can figure things out - computer issues are SOOO annoying!!


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