Monday, September 28, 2009

Eerie Pippi

For you local Seattle peeps...are any of you going to Amuse's anniversary sale next weekend? It starts at 9am on Saturday. I've been thinking about taking a class from Julie Ebersole. She's such a doll if you've never met her before. Last time she came into town, Rachel and I took both of her classes. Anyhoo- if anyone is going, I would love to meet up and shop! :)

I made this card last week in hopes that Kelly would put this Pixie in the shop. I still haven't seen her...but KL Stampin n Scrappin does have all of the new Basic Grey paper. Isn't Pippi just so cute all dressed up as a pumpkin?!?

Paper: Basic Grey Eerie
Stamps: CC Designs, sentiment is TGF
Copics, CTMH Bigger Brads, American Craft Ribbon, and Crystal Stickles

Many people always ask how I find the time to do everything. First, I'm a process person...I like things to be in order, steps, and sequential. Almost everything I do, I break into parts...I even eat this way, lol. But seriously...when I stamp, I stamp a ton of images at one time. That way I only have to clean my stamps, ink, and block once and be done.
Then I rummage through my scraps and paper stacks and pick which papers I want to use with which images. After I have a good stack of images and paper, I color each image to match the paper I picked. I do this while I'm watching TV, though I can't while I'm watching SYTYCD. Their dance routines are so short, if you miss a sec, you could miss the whole thing. And be careful when you watch your favorites...because I have messed up when something exciting happens, lol. :)
I look at all of the sketch challenges for the week and see what will work with what. Then by the time Saturday comes...all I have to do is actually assemble my cards together. This is actually the quickest part for me. Coloring with my Copics is the longest. I make all of my cards for the week and then photograph them all. After I edit them, I autopost everything for the week and then I start all over for next week. The only downfall to what I do is that every challenge I use is a week or two late.

Anyhoo- I hope you all have a great Monday! It's back to work for me...and it's gonna be a long day, as I'm finishing up a project. :)


  1. This card is just so cute Sparkle!!

    Enjoy your day at work

  2. Adorable card! I pre-color, too! Except sometimes I can't pick out the papers first!

  3. Very adorable! I love the fall, so it's exciting to see those colors coming around now.

    Also, I wish I was a local Seattle peep so I could check out Amuse. I've never been and I see that you get quite a bit of stuff there. Have fun shopping!

  4. Oh girl this is so sweet, awesome job.

  5. Pippi does look cute as a pumpkin and she looks great with those papers.

    I enjoyed reading about your process. Good luck with your big project.

  6. super cute card the paper!

    booo hooo...not going to be home on Saturday..did you go last year?

  7. Ohhh goodness...she is adorable and you've pick the paper perfectly once again.

    Thanks for sharing your process for making cards. I might have to try to incorporate some of your ideas into my creative time. I usually spend hours in the craft room and these days I don't feel like I have that time to spare with all the other stuff I want to get done.

    Good luck with your project and hope you have a great week!

  8. Another beauty, Sparkle! Love that new BG paper, and Pippi is so cute all dressed up for Halloween! TFS.

  9. What a cutie! and Oh my!!! gorgeous BG!!!
    Thanks for sharing how you create! I was always a one card at a time person, but just realized that it is so much easier to stamp a bunch at once, etc! So much more gets accomplished!
    Have a happy Monday :*)
    ~ margie

  10. Cute card! Great job :)
    Have a nice week!

  11. So cute!

    I too wish I was in Seattle and could check out Amuse! Thanks for the info on your process, I think that I should try your way as I am not getting anything done lately!

  12. She is super cute Sparkle! I was just in that area this last weekend and will be back in a week and a half so I probably won't be there for the sale but have a super time!

  13. You are way too organized, lol! It sounds like your method saves a LOT of time, but I can't work that far ahead, I've tried, haha. I ususally fly by the seat of my pants: when the mood strikes me, I just pull things out and get crafty. :)

  14. She's adorable! I loved hearing about your process and how organized you are!

  15. Sparkle this card is so cute and the patterned papers you chose are perfect! I love the lowdown on how you keep it together! Beth

  16. Super Cute! I'm wondering what you outline your image with? great card.

  17. Oh wow, I didnt realize how close you were Sparkle! I thought you were still out in Colorado or in the middle States. I just visited the Bellevue Paper Zone two weekends ago!! My friends are in Kirkland and we visit them every few months. Hope to meet up with you one day.

  18. lol PS I promise not to be some crazy stalker girl although I bet it's hard to believe now. ;)

    I actually forgot to comment on your post and I need to adapt to a schedule like yours. It's really hard to work 8hrs a day, come home - make dinner and create.

  19. Hmmm, I think I'll have to take a few of your steps to help me with my process! Thanks for the tip and I love the card! I lvoe that image. I'm actually using that for my Halloween Raks!


  20. Your card is very pretty Sparkle! I love your adorable image and yummy DP!
    You are very organized! Thanks for sharing your tips etc. Every little bit helps:)

  21. This card is so precious! Love this Pixie!
    Thank you for sharing about your life!

  22. Cute, cute, cute, she is just to sweet. Perfect colors for this card!

  23. She makes me giggle!

    I wish I could go to Amuse, but I planned a garage sale and I seriously need to be making money instead of spending it! Let's see how well I hold out for the TGF release. Ha ha!


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