Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Primas, Primas!

Since you asked...I will show you my stash of Prima flowers. Ever since I was a baby, my mom taught me color coordinate and always put things in rainbow order.

Sorry for the glare on the picture. I'm at home and didn't bring my laptop with me. Thats what has Photoshop on it, so I just used my crappy photo software to edit this, lol.

Back in Denver, I use to buy all my Primas from Archiver's. I haven't been there in a couple of years, so I'm not sure how their selection is today.

Sadly with the economy downturn, I know many stores have stopped carrying as much product as they use to. Craft Warehouse and Scrappoptamus.com were places that I used to buy Primas from. Their selections aren't really that great anymore.

And I know some are leery of Ebay, but I found this great lady in Hawaii that ships real quick and sells a great selection. Here is the link to her shop. http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Island-Scrapbooking

Lastly, when the Bella Yahoo group was still around, one of my Bella Sistahs was a Prima Wholesaler. I got lots of Primas from her! :) Thanks Jamie!


  1. Very nice Sparkle, looks like my ribbon collection!

    :) Marcia P

  2. ...do you hear that???? that's me....knocking at your door....wanting to play!!!! LOL...good grief sista...fabulous!!!!

  3. Now thats a lot of flowers LOL..WOW

  4. I love how you have these all arranged.

  5. So many flowers and arranged in such an eye pleasing way.

    Archiver's still sells Primas, plus a lot of other flowers... *Ü*

    Which store did you frequent? I shop the Westminster one (although you probably hit the Aurora one) Would have been funny if we were in the store at the same time and didn't know it! lOL

  6. Holy Moley! Color me jealous! :)
    I organize all my embellishments in ROYGBIV, easy on the eyes, easy to find!

  7. Looks great!! I like that web site! Seems cheap enough too.

  8. Ha-ha! I always wondered what your flower stash looked like since you use them all the time.

    You should come check out my latest creations. You've inspired me enough to "cave" and buy some Anya stamps. Love them! Can't believe I waited so long.

  9. So pretty, I would love to be that organized!

  10. How pretty does that look? I love how you have it in rainbow order. Such nice eyecandy!


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