Friday, May 29, 2009

Blogger Issues? Help?

Ever since I got home, I haven't been able to leave comments on people's blogs that have their comments embedded in their blogs. Meaning, it doesn't go to another page when you go to put a comment in, it's usually just a box at the bottom of the post.

ETA: If your blog goes to a different page for your comments or has a pop-up window, I can still leave comments on there. It's just the ones that have embedded comments that I can't.

Has anyone else had issues with that? I've already cleared all my cookies, my cashe, etc...and still no go.

ETA: Yes, I'm using IE. I can change my browser on my home computer, but I can't on my work computer, so I'd rather not. Our IT guys would come and hunt me down.

Plus, I've been getting spam comments, even though I have the word verification thing on there. I may have to switch to moderating my comments, which makes me sad. :(


  1. oh no!! Are you using Internet Explorer? I was having so many problems with Blogger and IE the past couple of weeks I changes to Mozilla Firefox and all my problems went away....

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Sparkle,
    I received a comment from you today.

  3. There appear to be issues with IE, particularly on blogs that have the "My Followers" gadget or widget or whatever it's called. With Firefox, there aren't any problems. HTS.

  4. As you say, you can't switch browsers. I think it is something you may have to live with until IE gets their act straightened out. Thanks for the reply, I think I can picture how you placed the CS in the nestie now. I am sometimes a little slow on the uptake.

  5. I've had the same stupid problems so I'm glad I'm not alone :( If you figure out the prob let me know!

  6. Ditto for what Lauri said... I was having MAJOR issues with IE last week and couldn't even post on my own blog! Hubby suggested Firefox and it now works like a dream!

  7. I'm using Google Chrome as a browser lately. Love it!

    You can use comment moderation on older posts only. Spammers are looking for popular posts that come up in a search (google, yahoo,...)
    I have comment moderation on posts older than 30 days.


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