Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Odd Bird Planet Earth Day Challenge

For my challenge, I picked a color challenge. With it being Earth Day, the colors are blue, green, and brown.

You have until midnight on Thursday to participate in all of the challenges. Here is a link to Johanna's blog with all of the information, prizes, and challenge schedules. I will pick a winner from my challenge and you will win either an Earth or a Limited Edition Al on Earth stamp. And if you win my challenge, your name goes into a pot to win one of the grand prizes.

Since you all know how much I love coffee...this is my favorite gnome. I was a bit sad this morning when it rained, since it's been so nice lately. But that's what my cup of joe is brightens my day.

Paper: SU Cardstock, SU Urban Garden
Stamps: Odd Bird Planet Kelly's Gnome in a Teacup, Whats Brewing
Prima Flowers, Rhinestones, and Copics

If you have Odd Bird Planet stamps...use them. :) If ya don't, don't worry, still play with us! You can use any stamps and still have a chance to win.

Mr. Linky Note: Please link directly to the blog post or gallery page where we can view/comment on your creation and not just the generic link to your blog. To get the full url, click the title of your blog post (which will load a page that has just that post on it), then copy and paste the URL into the Mr. Linky form. Thanks and please still post a comment!


  1. This is just too adorable. I just love that little gnome.

  2. who doesn't love a sweet coffee sippin' gnome?

  3. always a winning card.....nicely done Sparkle

    note my colors aren't be true in your challenge of the blue/ green ( isn't picking up/ Brown

  4. love the card, so cute! I've done mine - this was so fun!!

  5. You know I love coffee! I love this gnome. Great card as usual.

  6. Your card is so cute Sparkle...your gnome is adorable! I'm a coffee lover also and I can't function in the mornings without it. *lol*

  7. how cute is that! gnomes must be popular-I hear for halloween the travolicity gnome was the most popular.

  8. Ok, so I am new to this blogging stuff. I have finally figured out what a Mr Linksey thing or whatever it is how to leave my link! I have a few other colors in it but I could not resist!

    Denise Wells

  9. That is so CUTE!!!
    I have an award for you over at my blog

  10. Fun challenge...thanks!
    My information for my entry is hooked up with Mr. Linky.

  11. So very cute Sparkle have hooked up
    with Mr. Linky

  12. LOL! That gnome cracks me up! Super cute!

  13. Cute card, I especially love the sentiment! I can think of some other images to use it with...


  14. This is so cute Sparkle. I love the image and the sentiment you used.

  15. I keep checking back to see if the winner has been announced...maybe I am not looking in the right place? Thanks for a fun challenge!


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