Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sorry to be the one with bad I don't have anything crafty to share with you today. I haven't crafted in a whole week! Scary, eh?!? But I am going to Nona's tonight, so I should at least get some things put together.

All of my Design Team stuff has arrived, so I should have lots of fun stuff for you next week and later this month. I probably won't post anything crafty til Sunday for my Christmas Card Challenge.

Things with the house are going good. We finished all of our mortgage paperwork and we should get the appraisal paperwork back on Friday. Hopefully we'll be moving the last week of March. My goal is be fully moved by my birthday (exactly a month away)! And then I can get my car. Cars and birthdays are just too much fun! But sad that I won't have money for stamps, lol. Now you all know to buy me rubbah for my birthday. :)

Spending time with the fam was really nice. Macy's is having a huge sale right now, so my Aunt got a great deal on my China. Emily came along with us and she had a blast shopping. Isn't my mini-me just the cutest?!? We also watched Kungfu Panda and Shrek 3. She totally loves Shrek. I really wish I got to see her more. I hope to once I get my car!


  1. cute pic!! Birthdays and cars are fun :)

  2. Hiya, Sparks! Haven't been blogging much lately. :( Sounds like all is going well with your house. Hooray! I hope it finishes up quickly!

    Love the photos of you two with the kids. Too cute!

    Also love the Gina K sentiment you used with lattebella. I need to find that!

    Hope all is well...Vicki

  3. Sparkle,
    Cute picture!! she is a "minnie me"
    YAY!! I'm so happy for you...I can't wait to see more pics of your new house!
    And, who dosen't love to get a new car?!! Especially on your birthday!!

  4. Hey there! That is truly the most sweetest pic of you and your "minnie me"! :D Glad to hear everything is going well with the new house! :D You'll be moving in before you know it! :D

  5. Cute pic of the two of you. She has an awesome big sister!! :)

  6. she's adorable!! but hey, who cares if you don't get rubber for your bday: I'd rather have a new house and a car! :)

  7. Oh my, you guys are so cute!

  8. congrats on the house purchase and have fun shopping for your car once you've got everything finalized. what a super sweet pic with your little sis!


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