Monday, February 16, 2009

Sending My Love

I also have a Magnolia card on the KL Stampin n Scrappin Blog!

Happy Monday all! While most of you probably have a holiday, I still have to go to work today. I know Valentine's Day is already over, but here's a card I made for and and sold in my Etsy.

While at Christine's last month, we all were pondering why HE is wearing shoes and SHE is not, lol. And ever since then it's been kindof bugging me. Anyone want to send an email to Sarah Kay and ask her?!? I'm just kidding! :)

Paper: Basic Grey Bittersweet
Stamps: Sarah Kay, CTMH
Prima Flowers, MM Heart Brads, Copics, and Crystal Stickles

I have about 1/2 a 6x6 pad left of this bittersweet paper and then I promise the pink will go away. I'm gonna start with my green kick soon!

I hope you all had or are still enjoying your weekend. Brent and I started car shopping and I think I'm going to get another silver Civic. I had such a cute Coupe, but this time I will be getting a Sedan. I miss having my cute little sporty car! :( The saddest part was that I bought it brand new in 2000 and it only had 83,000 miles on it. I seriously could of kept that car for at least another 5-7 years. Why did it have to get stolen?!? But State Farm did take good care of me and I got a better value for my car.

We test drove a brand new 2008 and a brand new 2009. We even drove a Hybrid, but we're leaning more towards a traditional gas car. It'll be so great once we get the house and then I can have a car again! Isn't it crazy that I haven't had a car for 5 months?!? We're hoping to hear back about the house on Tuesday! Everyone have a great day!


  1. I don't know how you have done it for 5 months with out a car! Of course nothing here is lubbock is with in walking distance, so the thought of no car makes my stomach hurt!!!
    Cute card-maybe she doesn't have any shoes on because she just got a pedicure!!!LOL!!

  2. good luck with the house AND car hunting - I love getting new cars!

  3. Very cute. I've got lots of Sarah Kay's images--they are so fun.

  4. Sparkle,
    Way cute card...I love this paper I'm trying to use up my scraps too!!
    Maybe she couldn't wait to kiss him when he got home from work and didn't have time to put her shoes on...just a thought lol!

  5. Ack. I'd go crazy without my car! Your card is super cute, the shoe thing is going to bug me now too! I sure hope he doesn't step on her toes! LOL! :)

  6. Goodness...that is adorable! I'm holding my breath for you about the get it soon! :o)

  7. Well, for the record, in the warm weather I'm always without my shoes and hubby always has his on.
    Great card and I'm thinking of you on the house and car!

  8. Super cute card, Sparkle! I love the way layer your papers, too! Great color combo and you are sooo good with your Copic markers!

    Hope all goes well with the car and house hunting.

  9. So very sweet! :D Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well with the house! :D

  10. How cute is that! Love the papers/copics. Awesome job!!

  11. Ok, here's my theory. He has shoes on because he had to come over to her house... and since she was home already she was just hanging out barefooted!


    and, Car shopping with the house shopping? Oh, girl. Stress city.


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