Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blog Candy and Magnolia Birthday Card

It was my MIL's birthday on Tuesday. I didn't finish this card until Sunday night and I was bummed, because I was going to start off the year with my first birthday card late. But, Brent's older brother Brian, saved the day. He took the day off to go down to Portland and spend the day with her, so he dropped by here (he lives in Everett-which is about an hour north of us) on his way down and picked up her gift!

Paper: Basic Grey Bittersweet
Stamps: Magnolia Stamps
Copic Markers, CTMH Brads, Ribbon, Prima Flowers, and Bella Dots

I use to be so good about sending out cards to my real life friends (my sorority sister/college/bridesmaid group) every month and all of theirs and my families' birthdays. The closer I got to my wedding last year, that totally went out the window. The last half of 2008 got all late birthday cards sadly...and I didn't do a very good job with my SBS4 group either.

I have everyone's birthday in my Outlook calendar at work. I am in the process of putting them into my calendar on Facebook, since that is something I always check and look at too. So, my question do you organize all of your birthdays? Do you make cards as the birthdays comes? Do you make them all at once? Do you send cards from your stash?

Leave me a comment and you can win these fabulous mini Bella stamps! You will have until Monday, January 12th to enter. Then I will post the winner on Tuesday morning! Good luck!

Hope you all have a great Thursday! Yeah for Grey's coming back on tonight! :)


  1. Gorgeous card! I love the Basic Grey Bittersweet collection, so much that I have so far been unable to dip into it and cut it up...

    Birthdays...well, I have them all in my diary, and in previous years I have, in spite of all my best intentions, made cards when I realise "UHOH, it's .....'s birthday in two days!". This year I have decided, will definitely be the year I get things done in advance, so I have started as I mean to go on - going through the diary and noting all birthdays on a list in order of appearance so I can make suitable cards well in advance.

  2. I absolutely love your card Sparkle and oh my goodness what fabulous candy!

    I try to be organised in that I have a diary with the whole month on 2 pages, I have everyones birthday written in so that I can see at a glance how many cards I need for that month. I try to have the cards made the month before. I too got a bit lost off last year but this year I am keeping my commitments to a minimum in the hope I do better!

  3. Such a cute cute card. Love the bold DP.

    Birthday cards....well, if it is my nearest and dearest, I make a card especially. I'd love to make them in advance but I am so disorganised, it usually ends up being last minute! For other people, I often pull cards out of my stash providing I have some suitable of course! ~x~

  4. Love the birthday card, she is so adorable, and the coloring job you did, phenomenal.

    I keep all my birthdays in my planner, still working on pen and paper!LOL I wish I could plan ahead and have cards ready, but I make the card when I realize, OOPS, the birthday is in a week!

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Sparkle quit it! That card is just too cute! I love her! I need to shop. :)
    Anyway, I use my CTMH Event Calendar, and also some birthdays on FB. And i do send out my stash cards. "Sometimes"

  6. Google calendar! It is awesome. I set up my calendar about 3 or 4 years ago, put the birthdays in once and NEVER again! I only add new children when they are born, or new friends as they come into our lives.

    Love the bellas, hope to win :-)

  7. Such a darling card! For my birthday's I tend to make them before they're due and mail them. I have found if I make a card for a birthday in advance, I tend to not mail those cards, and make another one to mail. Leaves me with a big stash of cards.

  8. Fabulous card!

    Someone once sent me a "birthday" book which has the 365 days with no year. About 2 weeks before the end of the month, I check it out. Sometimes I make that "SPECIAL" card and other times I take from my stash. I have soooo many stashed anyway! Birthday cards are my favorites to make too. And what a great give-away you're offering!

    You Rock!

    Stef H

  9. Love your card, paper and the stamp. You do great work. I use the CTMH Event Calendar. Even with the entire month to look at I am always making cards at the last minute or pulling something from my stash at the last minute.

  10. Adorable card! I'm sure your MIL loved it!
    I made myself a bella small notebook that I write all the birthdays in. Then at the end of each month I write down who I need to make them for the next month.

  11. Hey Sparkle another cute card! As for me I have a stash of Bday cards that I use, I often have a particular person in mind when I make them. I just have the dates on my calendar and I mail them usually about a week ahead of time.

  12. Hello!
    What a gorgeous card!
    I write all the dates for Birthdays on my calendar, then I write them in my diary, but somehow I generally end up making them in a panic the night before - hehe!
    Every year I promise myself that I'll be more organised. Hmmmm, we'll see!


  13. Love your card! I have 2 ways that I remember birthdays - I made myself one of the CTMH even calendars which is specifically for birthdays, and I also put notifications in my Outlook! And I make the card for each birthday as the time comes - unless its a birthday that I don't have written down, like a friend of a friend, then it comes from my stash! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Oops - type-O supposed to be an EVENT calendar... :)

  15. Sparkle- All of the cards you make are always awesome! I would be glad to have a card from you whether it is from your stash or newly made. I don't think people can tell, it's not like they age! Maybe add a new embellishment to it, and it will feel new again!
    I think the Google calendar is the best!
    Thank you for sharing about copic markers. I am now the proud new owner!
    I relly like it when you post the colors that you use too!
    Jessica Kultti

  16. Love the card and love your blog.

    I usually make the card when the time comes. I have organized chaos in my house some most of the time it getting in the mail late. If I don't have time to make just the right card I take it from my stash. I use my monthly planner to keep everyone's birthday in and only send to close family and friends.

    Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.

    Michelle -

  17. Oh I wish I was organized. I currently have a page in my address book that lists everyones birthday. I just have to remember to look at it more often. My goal this year is to make a bunch of different cards to have on hand. Will I get to it, not sure. Love your card by the way. Adorable

  18. What a great question, Sparkle. I'm enjoying reading all the comments because I'm a procrastinator by nature and it's a challenge to get cards out in the same month (or year) of the b-day. I focus on the nieces and nephews high school age or below. I also do friends but usually wait until I see them in person or mail them late.(that's not helpful is it?)LOL! There are a few that I always get out on time but it changes so that no one is disappointed. *chuckle* I'm going to try to be better this year but since I haven't sent my Christmas cards yet... we'll see. :) Great blog candy. Will have to pop back to read more of the comments.

  19. What a fabulous card, Sparkle! I'm sure she loved it. I have Birthdays written in a little pocket calendar. I usually use cards from my stash and I prepare them at the end of the previous month. I put a little sticky note on them with my "mail date". That's what works for me anyways. Good luck and what great blog candy!

  20. Love the card Sparkle! Very, very cute!

    Ok..truth be told (it's sad really). I've been horrible at sending out cards, even to my own family. I have everyone's dates written down but time seems to pass so fast that I don't get around to making or sending a card. Sometimes I can dig though my swap stash to find something but normally I'm not that organized to even remember. I totally admire those people that are on top of everything. I think that i'll make that a resolution this year. ;-) Thanks for making me think! Have a great day!

  21. Great card.
    Here is how I try to keep ahead of the birthday game. I keep a rolodex (changed from letters to months) with all the birthday listed in it. As far as making the cards. When I make something for my blog, etsy store or a special something. I try to make 2 to 3 extras of the same designs. I do the same for blanks, anniv., get well etc. I have to say that sometimes I end up convertion a blank card to a birthday card because I am always running out.
    I made divider tabs for the old "from me to you" box and I keep all the cards in that. It's a great size for up to 6x6.
    Hope that helps!

  22. Super cute card Sparkle!

    I will make February cards the end of Jnauary, and each month the same way. On the back of the envelope (in pencil) I write the birthday. I fill out the envelope as usual, stamp and all. Then a couple days before the birthday I erase my pencil mark and pop it in the mail.

  23. I love the card....your MIL will too, even if it's late!! It's still great!

    I have a birthday calendar in my craft room and Itry to make them each month for the next month or two. Depends on what I need. I also try to keep some last minute ones esp. for the kids to take to parties. I am not always on the ball either tho. There were some great ideas on Nicole Heady's blog just lately!

  24. Wow. What Yummy Candy!!! Love your card. I have got to get my sewing machine out and give my cards a try at it. Birthdays!!! I am sooo bad about sending cards when I should. I have no excuse because I am always making cards and should be using them. LOL. Fortunately, for me at work, we have a monthly calendar and it has everybodys birthdays on it. So I try to give a card to everyone. Many times I overlook their birthdays, and end up giving them a card the day after their birthday. But, at least they get one.

  25. Love your work! I keep all of my birthdays on an event calendar. I started that years ago and it works. I WANT to send cards twice a month, but really I do it once a month so some are late. I keep a set of birthday cards ready to go, although sometimes I love a certain card and use it and stamp happy birthday, or happy belated birthday, on the inside. I don't think I would do it if they were on the computer, not sure why, but I just wouldn't!

  26. Such a cute card. I need to get the BG Bittersweet paper. So far there isn't a pattern that I don't like.

    As for birthdays, I used to be really good about sending out cards before I got married and now I have two little kids. I have them written in our phone book and the calendar I carry in my purse. Yup, still old school. I may cards ahead for our families (mom, dad, MIL, FIL, etc.), but others tend to get made right before the birthday. I wish I could do better, but it's so hard right now. I do try to make a small stash of cards without sentiments so I can add one later. That does help. Family cards are personalized with images and favorite colors.

    Thanks for the chance to win the stamps.

  27. I'm so bad at getting cards out I'm going to try to do better this year. I'll have to read through all the comments so maybe I can get some ideas too. Funny thing is I made you a birthday card last April and yah never sent it out sorry. I truly am working on this goal too.

  28. Love the stitching on your card! Lovely! I have been flying by the seat of my pants as far as birthdays, but this year my goal is to be more organized! I am making a birthday calendar and every Monday I will use cards I made that week or from my stash and mail out my birthday cards for that week. I even put a MONDAY MAIL CALL CHALLENGE on my blog - to help encourage others to mail their cards too! Thanks for the chance for some AWESOME candy!

  29. I just want to say that I LOVE your cards. They are always so cute!

    I have all of my birthdays typed out by month, then I create cards for that month, usually at the beginning of the month. Occasionally I'll take one from my stash if my stash starts getting too big.

    I started making cards only a year ago, and so far I've been pretty good at remembering everyones birthday! yay me!

  30. Such a sweet card! Love the paper! I say that alot about your cards, don't I? LOL! :)

    I have all my bdays in iCal on my mac. With reminders set a week in advance so I can make a card if I don't already have one made. Even with all that, I'm still usually late. Sigh.

  31. Hey Sparks!

    Love the card, the colors are fabulous! That diecut paper is awesome too!

    As I'm sure you know, lol, I don't really have a "card system" in place as of yet. But one of these days.....

    I actually really like the CTMH event calendar idea.

    I am so bummed! Our dish network provider dropped ABC from our programmming lineup! So I can't watch Grey's until tomorrow online! UGH!!!! Oh well, at least I still get to see it at all!

    Love Ya!

  32. Hey Sparks,
    Well I use the CTMH Event Calendar (not that it helps me get cards out on time, but at least I know when I've missed one!) and I make b-day cards all year round to have a stash.

    =) Nona

  33. Love your card Sparkle. Your site has been a great inspiration for me for a couple of months now.
    I'm new to making cards but have been scrapbooking for a few years now. I really like how mish mash has her Birthdays and other celebratory dates set up (see her Jan, 2nd blog entry).

    I'm still old school though with all the dates in a little book, and rely on Facebook a little too much. Planning on incorporating the ideas I've found out in the blogasphere and I like the idea of having a stash with your envelopes, stamps and even addresses already on labels all ready to go.
    Thanks for the chance to win some yummy candy. I've got two bellas myself and really love them.
    Again thanks for your daily inspiration.

    Chilliwack, B.C.

  34. I wanna play. LOL!
    I've already told you how much I love your cards but i'll tell you again. LOL! I LOVE YOUR CARDS!!!! :)
    Keep up the fantastic job you do.
    Mandy Schneider

  35. I bet she will love that card!!! SOOOO pretty!! I love that Tilda!!!

    I have birthdays listed on a perpetual calendar - and if I have time, I make a specific card just for that person. If I forgot, or I'm late, I will find an appropriate card in my stash!!

    GREAT blog candy! I've never seen the mini bellas!!!! Here's hoping!!!

  36. I love your card, its so darn cute!!! That paper is very delicious too!!!

    As for organizing birthdays, what I do is, at the beginning of the year, I make a list of everyone I want to send a birthday card too. I do the year in halves. So in January, I make a list thru the end of June. Then as I work on challenges, I also consult my list and try to work as many cards in for birthday as possible. Its a pretty good system. I leave that list right on my workspace area. HTH!!!

  37. Oooh, Sparkle, this Bittersweet dp is gorgeous, as is your coloring as usual! I can't wait to get some of that Bittersweet in the store! Great blog candy too. :) Hugs, Kel

  38. Sparkle
    You are so inspiring by everything you make. I am in awe. As for the birthdays I tend to make them as they come up, but hopefully I can get ahead and make a stash so in case I strapped for time I can have one on hand.

  39. Oh gosh! I am the worlds worst at Birthday cards and getting them sent out on time! I even have a Palm Piolet that warns me a week ahead of time, that is IF I turn it on that week and IF I look at the blinking message sign. So it totally depends if I have time, I try to make a card special for that person. I also use a stash in case I do not end up with the time! This year is going to be the year for orginization. I say this because we are moving and I have to go through everything! I do have to say though there is PLENTY of room left in my Bella stamp box!! Love your blog and have followed since CTMH!

    Denise Wells

  40. I just recently started stamping again, but I am a big scrapbooker and I always try to make a handmade card for those that are near and dear to me. What works best for me is a photobox with dividers. I have one divider for each month. On the front of the divider card, I make a list of the birthdays for that month. Then, when I get some free time and I'm in the mood to scrapbook/make cards, I start with the closest month and make a card for each person on the list for that month and store them in the photobox under the correct month. Then I move on to the next month. Before I know it, I have the entire year finished and waiting for me in the photobox. At the beginning of each month, I check the box and mail out any birthday cards for that month. That way they're always early and I never forget. Hope this helps!

  41. I use this website:

    It will send you reminders the week before, then a day or so before.

    I hope to make the next month in advance, but usually am reminded by the email and hurry to get it done!

    Leslie Syme

  42. What an awesome card Sparkle. I'm sure your MIL will love it. I've been bad about sending out cards. I'm trying to do better though and this year have already made two for January birthdays specific for the friends. I have my perpetual calendar from CTMH that lists all the dates but like others have said, it doesn't help if I forget to look at that or am too lazy to get a card sent out. I really want to do better this year.

    Thanks for the chance to win such great blog candy.

  43. I am so horrible about keeping track of birthday's that I usually don't even send out any. Homemade or store bought. I think that I am going to make a New Year's Resolution to become organised with my birthdays and make some homemade cards.
    I absolutely love, love, love the card that you made for your MIL. I have to get some magnolia's. Do you know where I can get some that won't take 3 years to get here?

  44. Beautiful card! I'm very bad about birthdays, but I usually send a card from my stash.

  45. Love the all your cards. I can't say that I actually keep track of them. I made a CTMH Event Calendar that hangs on the wall in my kitchen, but I always forget to look at it. I like the idea of addressing all the envelopes for the birthdays coming up on the next month and then just filling the envelopes as you make cards. Then, you would just send them all out right before the beggining of the month. But...that sounds too organized for me!

    Loving your blog candy, I have bella's, but I've never seen the mini's IRL.

  46. I do have to say... I love getting your feeds! Your artwork is an inspiration to me! And that card is too cute! Well to answer your question, I've been struggling with remembering birthdays as well, but what I find to help me out is to put the birthdays in my cell phone calendar with an alarm (a few days prior to their birthday so I have time to put the card in the mail). I also have cards premade, and when I'm in a creativity funk I make birthday cards to replenish my stock. HTH!

  47. Oh Sparkle, there you go again! This is such a pretty card and an absolutely adorable image! Your coloring skills are amazing!!

    I'm pretty old fashioned when it comes to remembering birthdays. I write everything on my wall calendar at the beginning of the year and then copy it onto my desktop calendar on my laptop. Both of these are in my face everyday, so I usually don't forget a date. Being fairly new to card-making, this month marks my one year anniversary, I don't have a 'stash' to go to. So, I make them as I go along.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such yummy candy!!


  48. Sparkle... LOVE your artwork and blog! I miss seeing you on the CTMH boards...
    At the first of the year I write everyone's birthdays on my family calendar. I also have a Event Calendar (CTMH) in my craft room. It depends on my mood... sometimes I am on a roll and make several cards at a time and other times I make "on demand". :)
    Please enter me for your giveaway!! Michelle

  49. I use the CTMH event calendar to track all the birthdays. I make my cards individually as the events come up. I feel that my cards are more personal that way. The downside to that is if your in a time crunch you have to make a card, which sometimes puts me behind in getting it in the mail.

  50. Hi Sparkle, I try to use cards from my stash, unless it is someone that I have a certain stamp or something in mind for someone. That is one of my goals this year to send, or give out more of my cards. Thanks for the opportunity for the stamps!

  51. Hi Sparkle,

    Although I think of myself as a very organized person, birthdays and remebering them are the hardest thing for me. I have several ways to help me remember, first I have them on my outlook clendar, I also have a program on my ipod that is for birthdays and it lets me know if I am a week away from someones birthday, I also made myself a Birthday Rolodex and have most of the in my address book on my MAC. I try to use cards from my stash, but many times end up making new ones for the person on hand. When I mkae cards I try to make several. Getting them in the mailbox is another story!!

  52. Always love visiting your blog, Sparkle. What a great question....I am bad and only organize birthdays in my pathetic memory. This means, I don't remember as many as I should!

    When I do remember, I make cards as they come since the style or stamp of the day may have changed.

    If someone I don't always give a card to tells me it is their birthday, then I'll pull something from my stash. It may not necessarily be a birthday card, but something that that can be used the same....'thinking of you' or something along that line.

    Thanks for the opportunity for the Bella blog candy....would love 'em all!

  53. Great card, Sparkle!! I love the way you create!!! Wow, this blog candy is amazing!! As far as birthday card organization goes, I'm still working on it. My new plan for the new year is to make cards a month ahead of time and get them ready to go out the beginning of the month. If I wait until the last second, it'll never get done. Good luck on your organization!!! Thanks for the chance for some great candy!!! :-)

  54. Beautiful card. You MIL will love it.
    I have a stash of cards that I made for birthdays that my family gets invited to. For my closest friends and family members I would make a special card just for them as their birthday approaches. I write birthday infos in my notebook. It sits at my stamping desk so I can check it every now and then.

  55. Love your card using the bittersweet collection. I usually make my cards as the birthdays come along and sometimes I am making one at the last minute. I do keep a few in a stash but I like to make a card with a certain person in mind.

  56. Hi Sparkle - gorgeous birthday card. I keep track of birthdays by writing them on my calendar. I'm pretty good about remembering whose birthday is coming up but I never seem to have a card ready.

    Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy.


  57. I always make a wide variety of b-day cards in lots of colors and for boys or girls. Then, when it comes time to wrap the gift, I pull a card from my stash that matches the paper/bag. If I don't have one to match, I usually make a card right then. After nearly five years of stamping, I've noticed that I buy wrapping paper/bags based on their colors knowing that I have a card or CS to match! ~Amy in TN

  58. I always say I'm going to make them ahead and be organized, but it never happens. Let's face it, lately, people are lucky to get a card from me at all--LOL! I usually send one out of my stash or make one as the birthdays roll around. I try to keep a big stash of cards on hand, but it seems to be dwindling laltely, especially since all my students get a handmade card on their birthday too :)

    PS--THat Grey's was a good one--so glad it's back!!

  59. This is such a darling card!! I love the pinks! As for the birthdays, I have an event calendar with everyone's birthday on it. From that at the beginning of the year I fill in all the birthdays on my calendar in the kitchen. I look at that one almost every day. I also try to make birthday cards ahead of time since I'm just absentminded and will forget even though they are all on the calendar. If I remember a birthday coming up then I will try to make a specific card just for them, but usually it's a grab and go from my premade cards ^_~

  60. Well I plan about 4 days ahead for family b'days, my family says I get all stressed out maybe so but I try to be very personal about my cards they are special for those I know who will appreciate that it is homemade, and those who don't care one way or the other and it will probably find the trash, I usually do it that day or the day before. Thanks for the chance to win God Bless

  61. I have a birthday calendar on my desk that I made (and still need to embellish), and I have a "Days to Remember" book that I also made. Both of those help me along with my google calendar.

  62. Gorgeous card Sparkle...stunning colours.
    I use a good old fashioned calendar at home and have a personal organiser...I make the cards as and when, sometimes just the day before.
    Thank you so much for a chance to win these gorgeous stamps.
    Emma x

  63. I just use my calendar that I have hanging in my stamp room to keep up with birthdays. In the past I have been a slacker sending birthday cards but that is something I am trying to improve upon for the new year.
    I enjoy all of your creations, thanks for sharing them with us.

  64. Hey Sparkle! I wish I could tell you that I was Mrs. Organized but I am not! I try to make them as I need them, Never thought to actually make them ahead of time (now there is an idea; LOL!) And when worse comes to worse I use my stash! I will tell you that my B-days are all listed in this Fancy Organizer from Hallmark; I LUV IT! Thanks for the opportunity at this amazing candy! I do not own any of them!!!

  65. Honestly, I am not organized regarding any type of card sending. I tried hard to be for Christmas, but even though I had them in envelopes, with names on, I didn't get them sent out until the week before Christmas. I am trying to get better at it, but tomorrow is my Dad's birthday and his card is not yet made. That is my plan for when I get off work.

  66. Love all of your creations! I just use a regular calendar to keep track of birthdays. I usually try to make them as they come...but this year, I am going to try to make them ahead so that I am not sending them so late. With 2 kiddos, stamping at night is my only time of solitude - tee hee!

  67. I use those handy CTMH event calendars. I usually end up sending them late...but this year it is my resolution to get everyone's card to them on time!

  68. Good question, the last weeks I used a lot of time to organize all the birthdays in a excel sheet, together with the addresses and some comments... with this system, I see every time which birthdays are coming closer and I can make some cards...

  69. Hi Sparkle!
    Love all your cards. :)

    I am really unorganized when it comes to cards & birthdays! It's a goal of mine for 2009. I have seen some really cute altered boxes with monthly dividers and birthdays for that month listed. Then you can just pop cards in each slot for each person. I usually am scrambling at the last minute to make one, or pull from my stash. I love to buy cards off sometimes I use those. But I do hate to part with them. :)
    Have a great day!
    :) Linda

  70. oh wow, i just came across your blog from the bella thread on scs - i absolutely love the scraplings! sooo cute!


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