Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!

Being in Denver the last 2 winters, I forgot how the Pacific Northwest freaks out when we get snow. We got about a couple of inches today and I don't have to go to work for the rest of the day, lol.

In Denver, they don't cancel school unless there's at least 6 inches of would of still been at work. Yeah for being in Seattle! :) So...I am drinking coffee...and will spend my day crafting instead! Have a beautiful snowy Thursday!


  1. awesome! I'm so jealous! The freezing rain is starting in NE Kansas and we have 4.5 inches of snow on the ground but we're still working away. :) Have a great snow day!

  2. LOL! i was thinking about you today & wondered if you missed the cold co winters....and here you get some & you get the day off!! NICE! We have 4 inches on the ground from last week & had -18 still went to school!

  3. You lucky duck! :D Have fun creating! :D

  4. I know what you mean, Sparkle. I lived in Nebraska for seventeen years and it took a lot of snow for us to shut down. And we did shut down a lot!

    Here in NC we get a couple of flakes and the whole place closes up! Crazy! Thank goodness, though, these people do not know how to drive on any kind of ice!

    Sparkle, I love the badge you made for the challenge blog! Can I have one too? I understand if you want to keep it for yourself, but if you don't mind, I'd love to have one on my blog too.

  5. Lucky you! We had a snow day too. The kids got to stay home and they had a ball sledding in the beautiful sun! I had to go to work. Although I would have preferred to craft all day, it is amazing how much I can get done in the class when I don't have my students! LOL


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