Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Card Challenge Rules

Every Sunday, I'm making Christmas cards, so by the first week of December each year, I will have all of my cards already made.

The only REAL rule is that you make a new Christmas, Holiday, Hanukkah, or Winter card. If you don't, I'll delete your link off my Mr. Linky. The weekly challenges are extra and you can choose to do them or not do them. Easy enough, right? I typically make 2 each of the same card so I have about 100+ cards by next December. You can adjust the challenges to accommodate however many cards you need. Maybe you only need to make 1 card a week or 1 card every 2 weeks, etc.

You have all week to link your card. But if you link your card after Wednesday during the week, please try to leave me a comment. I don't always remember to check back and I really try to comment on all the cards that participate in my challenges.

Lastly, I've decided that I'm going to give away prizes for the first challenge of each month. So once you link your card, you'll be entered to win a goodie from me. I will randomly draw my winner on the next Saturday at midnight.

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