Wednesday, December 31, 2008

With Love and Here Comes 2009!

I got this Wiff of Joy image from Wish RAK and she is the cutest thing ever. More stamps for me to drool over...and will probably end up buying. This is a bad addiction!

Paper: Basic Grey 2 Scoops
Stamps: Whiff of Joy, CTMH
Prima Flowers, Bella Dots, Nestabilities, and Copic Markers

Wow, I can't believe it's 2009 already. 1 more year and I'll be having my high school reunion, lol.

2008 has been a bunch of ups and downs...but overall an interesting year. We started the year moving from Denver to Seattle. Driving through Wyoming during the middle of winter is the scariest thing you can ever do. What only took us 1 1/2 days in June to drive, it took us 4 days to finally get to Seattle.

2 weeks later, someone crashed into Brent's car while it was parked in our parking lot. But we did get to sit court side and watch one of the last Seattle Sonic games. Unfortunately our basketball team moved to Oklahoma City.

Turning 26 this year was just another year passing. I had my bridal shower the weekend before and got to see most of my friends down in Portland. Then it was warp speed til the wedding. I am so happy to not be planning my wedding this year!

The wedding was wonderful and more then we could of imagined for. It was great to see all of our friends from college and it was so nice to just spend a week with my closest friends. I don't get to see Catherine very often, so the little bits of time I do get, I truly cherish. It was also wonderful to see all of my family. We all haven't been together in one place since my mom's funeral.

Europe was gorgeous...except my car got stolen the week before we left. Paris by far was my favorite and I had a great time in Disneyland! My parent's moved into their new house and my grandma moved in with them.

Brent and I are now in the process of looking for our first house and hope to move soon! Then I will be getting a new car. Those goals are first on our new list. And for 2009, Catherine will be getting that's a trip to West Virginia, and I am planning on going to Hawaii! To finally see my mom's grave. We'll see what the rest of the year bring us...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hanna Stamps Challenge #48

The Hanna Stamps Challenge last Friday was to use a Riley and one of Hanna's accessories. I used Garden Riley with the wheel barrel and dirt bag from Garden Hanna.

Paper: CTMH Starstruck
Stamps: Hanna Stamps, CTMH
Copic Markers, Prima Flowers, and CTMH Brads

I hope you all have a great Tuesday! It's another early day at work for me!

Monday, December 29, 2008


My favortie part of Valentine's Day as a kid was getting to decorate our Valentine holder so that all of the kids in your class could put your little Valentine's into it.

I got these images from Wish RAK and wanted to make some little valentines. They measure 3 x 4 inches. I can't wait til Emily is old enough for school and then I can make her some real cute ones for her class. :)

Paper: CTMH Cardstock
Stamps: SU Happy Heart Day
Copic Markers, Stickles, and CTMH

Everyone have a great Monday! I have to go back to work...but at least it's a short work week!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Banner

My SBS4 sister Jane wrote a comment that said my markers for Christmas looked nicer than a bouquet of I decided to use them for my background. I'm allergic to pollen, so definately markers are way better than flowers, lol.

Do you think my sub-title is too hard to read? I might re-do it later...if I feel motivated enough too. Happy Sunday!

ETA...I did what Erica suggested and thinks it looks alot better. Thanks!

Christmas Card Challenge Week #4, Marjorie's Color Challenge #44, and SCS's Color Challenge # 197 - Glideabella Cards

Every week, I'm making 2 Christmas cards, so by the first week of December 2009, I will have 104 cards already made. If you play along with me, send me your links and I'll put them in my post.

Marjorie's color challenge this week was Cranberry, Ponderosa Pine, Sorbet, and Juniper. I didn't use any Sorbet in my card as I couldn't get it to look right. I'm sad that tomorrow will be Marjorie's last color challenge...but look forward to seeing her put her efforts into other things that she really wants. And I understand...I use to host the Bella Color Challenges every week and I know how time consuming it can be. I know Marjorie will accomplish her goals and wish her great luck! :)

The color challenge last week on SCS was Kiwi Kiss, Basic Grey, Baja Breeze, and Not Quite Navy. Since I only have Kiwi Kiss and Baja Breeze...I also used Outdoor Denim and Grey Wool.

Paper: CTMH Cardstock, CTMH Perfect Day, SU Cardstock, SU Bella Rose
Stamps: Stamping Bella and CTMH
Liquid Applique, Copic Markers, Crystal Stickles, CTMH Brads, Buttons, CB Snowflakes, Snowflake Punches, and Rhinestones

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Brent and I are going bowling today with his co-workers. :)

Alanna's Adorable Snowman Card
Marjorie's Wonderful Warm Winter Wishes Card and Wise men CardSteph's Gorgeous Merry Wishes Cards

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bella Color Challenge #59 and More Scraplings!

These are my newest obsession and I think I need to find a great way to use these practically, lol. The best thing would be just little fun note cards or tags for gifts. I won't use these as bookmarks because they're not flat. And I love bumpy things too much!

I put fun flock on my monkey's tummy. The Amuse ice cream images are from Wish RAK, and the last one is for Bella Color Challenge #59. Hope picked Sorbet, Taffy, and Outdoor Denim. Her twist was to make a thank you card.

Paper: CTMH Cardstock, Perfect Day
Stamps: CTMH Lifes a Jungle, Amuse, and Stamping Bella
Crystal Stickles, Copic Markers, Prima Flowers, CTMH Brads, Buttons, and Fun Flock

Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Your Birthday!

All of the new Odd Bird Planet stamps are now available to purchase. Here is the link to see all of the new stamps. I wanted to show some versatility with these stamps. While these are gnomes with Christmas presents, you could technically use them for any kind of celebration. So I made a Birthday card instead.

Paper: CTMH, Basic Grey Cupcake
Stamps: Odd Bird Planet Kelly's Boy Gnome with Gifts, Kelly's Girl Gnome with a Stack of Gifts
Copic Markers, Cuttlebug, Buttons, and Stitching

Everyone have a great Friday!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! Imeldabella, Emmybella, and Savvyshopabella Gift Card Holder

At Brent's store, they chose to do Secret Santa. I'm not sure why my department didn't...but probably because we've had crazy deadlines and then tons of snow!

Well...Brent drew Jennifer and every time I would ask him...he kept saying, all I know is that she likes Coach. Their amount to spend was $25. So I told him to just get her a gift card. Again, the slacker he is...didn't have it in time for my picture, lol.

I stamped all of my shopping Bellas on Avery address labels and just stuck them in a row. The gift card goes where my "name" is. I also glued half way down on the bottom part so that the card wouldn't fall to the bottom of the pocket. :) I got all of the SU paper from Wish RAK.

Paper: SU Bella Rose
Stamps: Imeldabella, Emmybella, and Savvyshoppabella, Sentiment is CTMH
Snowflake Punch, Bella BonBon, PTI Spring Moss Ribbon, Crystal Stickles, and Copic Markers

I hope you're all having a great Christmas so far! Brent and I are going to go see a movie and just hang out. I'm trying to convince him to see 7 pounds, the new Will Smith movie. And then lots of crafting! :) Though I wish I were playing with Emily and Michael. I told my parents I would come home for Emily's birthday and she's totally excited. She turns 3 on January 28th. She's soooooo cute...she keeps saying, my birthday is soon!

My grandma's birthday was a couple weeks ago and they had a huge party for her at my dad's house. So now Emily understands the concept of her turning 3 in January, lol. Except I don't think she'll get as big of a party as my grandma I hope she isn't too disappointed. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve and Birthday Gift Card Holder

Today is also Breanna's birthday. While I always call her Brent's niece...I can now claim her as mine since I'm finally a Smith. She was 4 when Brent and I started dating and she's turning 12 today. Wow...where does the time go?!?

Being an only child...the only grandchild in the Smith family...and having her birthday the day before Christmas, this girl is impossible to shop for! Anything I wanted to get her, she already owns. Except the Twilight book series...but her mom said she can't read those until she finishes all of her Harry Potter books she made her buy, lol.

So, I made this cute gift card holder...which is empty in the pic, but won't be--by the time she gets it. Brent was in charge of getting this gift, as I did her Christmas gift...and you can tell he slacked off and waited til the last minute.

Paper: CTMH
Stamps: Penny Black (RAK from Lori)
Copic Markers, Rhinestones, and Stitching
Brent and I decided not to go down to Portland. Better to be safe at home then stuck on the side of the highway or spun out in a ditch. So, it'll be a quiet Christmas with just the 2 of us. I must say I'm so happy I'm not spending my Christmas vacation planning my wedding this year. Last December I was picking out my cake, meeting with the officiant, picking out center pieces for the dinner tables, and meeting with the DJ. It was super stressful!

The Smith's traditionally celebrate Christmas today, so I get my markers!!!! I'll be spending most of the night playing with them...and then I can sleep in for Christmas! I was looking forward to Emily dragging me out of bed at the wee hour of the morning though.

Hope you all have a safe Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Gift Card Holder with Flopsey

This is for my step-mom Anna. Her favorite place to shop is Nordstroms, so we got her a gift card to there. She doesn't like crafts at the slightest...and doesn't really appreciate the effort. But I think it's still darling!

I followed the gift card tutorial on the MFT Forums from a couple of weeks ago. This is the standard A2 card size of 4 1/4 by 5 1/2.

Paper: Cosmo Cricket
Stamps: My Favortie Things, CTMH
Liquid Applique, Snowflake Punch, MM Buttons, Crystal Stickles, Ribbon, and Copic Markers

I hope you all have a great Tuesday! Hopefully we will be leaving to go to Portland tomorrow. It really just depends on the weather. Portland actually got more snow then we'll be a last minute decision.

If I do make it down there, I will have limited access to stuff, as my parent's don't have internet or cable at their new house. But my in-laws do, so I should be able to peek in. If you have time to yourself away from the house full of family, I do have scheduled posts for this whole week. Everyone have a fun and safe holiday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tilda Cherry Card

Happy Hanukkah to anyone who celebrates!

I had so much fun much with this card. It's still Christmas colors, but not Christmas-y in any way. I wanted to put more on the card, but didn't want to cover the cherries. The only accessory that comes in Citrus Leaf is Sassy Strands, so I had to settle for that over ribbon.

Paper: Renae's House, CTMH Cardstock
Stamps: Magnolia, CTMH Commentary
Copic Markers, CTMH Sassy Strands, Brads, and Nestabilites

Everyone have a great Monday! 3 days til Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Card Challenge Week #3 and Marjorie's Color Challenge #43 - Lattebella Cards

Every week, I'm making 2 Christmas cards, so by the first week of December 2009, I will have 104 cards already made. If you play along with me, send me your links and I'll put them in my post.

I copied this idea from Marjorie, to use Lattebella as a more holidayish Bella. Marjorie's Color Challenge this week was Tulip, Kiwi, Topiary, and Colonial White. I used White Daisy instead of Colonial White.

I know I thought I had let it go...but I'm down to 2 scraps of Kiwi...and in just a few days, it will be a retired CTMH color. One more tear for Kiwi and Breeze. But I love Sorbet and I guess it evens out, lol.

Paper: CTMH Cardstock
Stamps: Stamping Bella, Sentiment is MFT Baby It's Cold Outside
Snowflake Punch, Nestabilities, Copic Markers, Stitching, Snowflake CB Embossing, and Basic Grey Brads

Everyone have a great Sunday! It's almost Christmas time!

Jamey's Cute Penguin Card
Steph's Pretty Joyful Card
Nicole's Adorable Card Crazy Art CardsMarjorie's Gorgeous Star Card

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Topiarybella and Lattebella Scraplings!

I am so addicted to these now, its bad. They seriously are the cutest cards ever to make. Since I don't have my pink re-inker for my Copic marker yet, I had to be creative with Topairybella. But I really like her in the green! And Lattebella is just a cutie, lol.

Paper: CTMH Cardstock, Bo Bunny Cardstock
Stamps: Stamping Bella, CTMH Say It In Style
CTMH Brads, Prima Flowers, Chipboard, Rhinestones, Eyelet and Copic Markers

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Marjorie's Birthday! Cakeabella Card

Today is Marjorie's birthday. I'm sorry to say that with holiday mail, she'll probably get it super late. But I hope she has a great birthday.

This is one of my favorite birthday Bellas and I know Marjorie likes chocolate, so I used my brown liquid applique for her cake icing. :)

Paper: CTMH Good Times
Stamps: Stamping Bella, CTMH Happy Birthday
CTMH Conchos, Brads, Buttons, Copics, and Prima Flowers

Everyone have a great Friday! 6 days left till Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!

Being in Denver the last 2 winters, I forgot how the Pacific Northwest freaks out when we get snow. We got about a couple of inches today and I don't have to go to work for the rest of the day, lol.

In Denver, they don't cancel school unless there's at least 6 inches of would of still been at work. Yeah for being in Seattle! :) So...I am drinking coffee...and will spend my day crafting instead! Have a beautiful snowy Thursday!

MFT Who's That Girl #14

The Who's That Girl Challenge this week was to use Call Me and the colors blue, brown, and white. I kindof cheated on the colors, but like how my card came out.

Paper: CTMH and Bo Bunny Cardstock
Stamps: MFT
Copic Markers, Prima Flowers, and Buttons

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fixafella Home Depot Gift Card Holder

This is my dad's Christmas present. Since my family moved into the new house, I'm sure my dad could use this gift card to get any last minute little stuff that he and Anna are still working on.

I know it's not very holiday-ish or very festive. But nothing matches a bright orange gift card then Orange you glad?!?

Paper: EK Success
Stamps: Fixafella by Stamping Bella, CTMH Say It With Style
CTMH Bigger Brads, Copics, and White Gel Pen

I hope you all have a great hump day! 8 days til Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Created By Courtney Challenge #19

Today's challenge is a sketch challenge! I kindof cheated...but did use all of the elements! While I love the colder weather, I put the flower on there in remembrance of nice springy weather, lol. I'm a spring baby, so its my favorite season!

Paper: CTMH Enchanted
Stamps: Magnolia Stamps, CTMH
Copic Markers, CTMH Buttons, Bigger Brads, and Crystal Stickles

Don't forget to check out the rest of the team's cards. All of them are listed under the CBC Challenge Chicks list on the right side of my blog. If you play along with us, you could win a prize from Courtney! If you upload to SCS, the keyword is CBCC19.

This will be the last Created By Courtney Challenge for 2008. We'll be taking a break for the holidays and be back in 2009! Everyone have a great Tuesday and we'll see you in the New Year with more new challenges!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Hanna Stamps Challenge #47 this last Friday was to make Scrap-lings. Which are mini cards the size of 4 1/4 x 1 1/4 inches. The concept came from cutting a standard card (4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches) down to a square card (4 1/4 x 4 1/4). Then what do to do with the left over? Make a scrapling, lol.

Paper: CTMH Cardstock, Bo Bunny Cardstock
Stamps: Van Riley, Trailor Riley, CTMH Say It With Style, PTI Snowfall Additions
CTMH Buttons, Twill, Brads, Liquid Applique, and Copic Markers

I used my new Van and Trailer Rileys for these. Avery address labels fit perfect on these, but I will say that my Copic markers don't color very well on you can tell Riley is not blended very well. I may just use regular white cardstock next time.

These was so much fun to make, I think I have found a new obsession! But what would I really do with a bunch of these, lol?!?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Card Challenge Week #2, Marjorie's Color Challenge and Split Coast Color Challenge - Daisyboardabella Cards

So here are my next set of Christmas cards to add to the pile. Every week, I'm making 2 Christmas cards, so by the first week of December 2009, I will have 104 cards already made. If you play along with me, send me your links and I'll put them in my post.

Paper: CTMH Serendipity and Caprice
Stamps: Stamping Bella, CTMH January Puzzle, and Say It With Style

Liquid Applique, Crystal Stickles, Copics, CTMH Brads, and Snowflake Punch

Paper: SU Cardstock
Stamps: Stamping Bella, CTMH Say It With Style
Liquid Applique, Crystal Stickles, Copics, Snowflake Cuttlebug Embossing Folder, and Snowflake Punch

Marjorie's darling Elzybell card
Erica's fun and bright Christmas cards

Can you believe that I have had this stamp for almost a whole year and this is the first time I have ever inked her?!? Well, I caved in after Marjorie got her Papertrey stuff. I had to have this set, because of course one of the stamps is "sparkle." And I've been dying to have some snowflakes!

Marjorie's color challenge was Crystal Blue, Desert Sand, Dutch Blue, and Chocolate. The Split Coast color challenge was Riding Hood Red, Taken With Teal, and Baja Blue. Thanks to Wish RAK, I actually had all the SU colors to play!

Having a red and blue card makes me think of Sleeping Beauty and how the fairies fight over how the dress should be blue or pink, lol. So, which Bella do you like better? I like the side stamping on the blue one...but love the layers on the red one.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas To Me!

Brent isn't home right now, lol...and I can't really open these, because they're my Christmas present. All of the Smiths, MIL + FIL, both BILs, Scott's girlfriend Paula, and Brent all went in and got me 60 Copic Sketch markers. This is all I'm getting for Christmas, well except I'll get a gift from my parents, but I'm sooooooooo excited. Can it be Christmas already?!?

I have ordered so many, even the lady wrote a note on the invoice...You must have quite a collection of these by now?!? And I would like to say back, only 115 more to go. That's pretty sad, huh? But hey, they'd be happy to know I'm not done yet and they'll get lots more of my money, lol.

Candy is Dandy

Remember when these clam cards were popular?!? Well, I didn't had the circle Nestabilities then, so I never made one. I was inspired by Lynn to make one, since she's been making such cute cards with her bitty blooms. This doesn't even compare, but I thought these would be great guy Christmas cards! I think my dad would find this funny...and my FIL.

Paper: Basic Grey Wassail, CTMH Cardstock
Stamps: Odd Bird Planet
CTMH Ribbon, Nestabilities, Copic Markers, and Crystal Stickles

So...have you made any Christmas Cards for the 2 a week challenge?!? I have 2 really cute cards for tomorrow! I hope you all have a great weekend...its suppose to snow!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bring On the Cupcakes!

Don't forget to check out my deck of cards blog...I have my new cupcake card up!

This little guy is just too much fun. And I needed to make yet another card with him. And isn't the saying just fabulous?!? Bring on the cupcakes, lol!

Paper: Basic Grey Cupcake
Stamps: Odd Bird Planet
Prima Flowers, Rhinestones, Crystal Stickles, and Copic Markers

I hope you all have a great Friday!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I got this sentiment from Wish RAK along with some truffle images. I thought the sentiment would go perfect with Riley! I am really digging the Blush with the Tulip.

Paper: CTMH Cardstock, Perfect Day, Evensong
Stamps: Hanna Stamps, Sentiment is Whipper Snapper
CTMH Blooms, Prima Flowers, CTMH Bigger Brads, and Copics

I hope you all have a great Thursday! I'm going to Nona's tonight and we're doing desserts for the holidays. Maybe I'll actually have some chocolate tonight, lol. It shall be great as always. And then watching my recorded Grey's!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tilda Birthday Card

Isn't she just darling? I am so obsessed with Tilda now! It's scary! Not really, but it hurts the check book. And they're just about to release their new Valentine stamps. Whats a girl to do? I wish Sweden was a bit closer to us, lol.

Today would of been my mom's 54th birthday, so here is a birthday card in her honor.

Paper: CTMH, Basic Grey Urban Prairie
Stamps: Magnolia, CTMH
Prima Flowers, Crystal Stickles, CTMH Brads, and Copic Markers

I had a tragic craft crisis Tuesday RV10 Copic marker ran out of ink while I was trying to finish a set of cards for Brent's grandma. The sad part is that Brent just ordered me Copics for Christmas on Sunday night and had I known then, I could of gotten a refill. Brent said I could order it...but I don't want to pay shipping, lol. But I have to finish our Christmas gift for here's to shipping!

I hope you all have a great hump day!