Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grateful Kinibella Card - GGBBC2

There's 2 posts, so read below to see the first challenge too.

My challenge for you tonight to is to make a card for someone who you are grateful for, other than your spouse or significant other. I also want you to pick embellishments that you are most grateful for and use them on the card. A little story with your card would be nice too...just so I know who they're going to. :)

For mine, I picked my friend Shannon. You'll remember, it was her birthday just a bit ago and I made her a fun Bella Birthday card. And remember I told you that the OC was our favorite show?!? Well, since she's still down in the OC, I just had to make this for her. If you didn't watch the show when it was on, the background resembles the background cover of the OC logo. The bottom text is the theme song to the show.

And why I picked because while she won't be able to attend Catherine's wedding with me, she has been such a doll in listening to me and supporting me while planning for it. I'm planning with a few gals I don't really know, so its been interesting. I wish I was doing this all with Shannon. She's graduating with her Masters on the same day as Catherine's wedding, so it's going to be so weird for her not to be the 3 of us have always been together.

We're the holiday blinging roomies, lol. Shannon and Will got married 2 days before Christmas. Brent and I got married the day after 4th of July. And Catherine and Chris are getting married 2 days before Memorial Day. And I swear it wasn't planned that way!

With my name, you have to know that glitter is my favorite embellishment. Flowers are my second!

Keyword: GGBB2

Paper: CTMH
Stamps: Stamping Bella
Making Memories Rub-ons, Prima Flowers, Bella Dots, Crystal Stickles, and Copic Markers

You have until Saturday night to participate in the challenge. And then I'll be picking my winner! You could win $20 to Stamping Bella!

And lastly...I got to meet Ben McKenzie aka Ryan on the OC! It was the most embarrassing day in my life, but that's another story for another day. Remind me and I'll post it later. :)

My brother cracks me he never watched the OC. But he always sees my pictures. One day he walked by when I was watching the OC and he says "Hey, its that guy in that picture with you. Wow, he's really famous."

I hope you all have a great Wednesday night! Isn't Grey's getting good? Are you sad they kicked Brooke Smith off the show? Can't wait for tomorrow!


  1. That's so cool. He's a cutie.

  2. Cute card and I love that pic! You weren't excited at all were ya?! Can't wait to hear the story!

  3. Love your card, and the pics, you lucky girl - although I don't watch TV so I have no idea what the OC is!

  4. Sparkle,
    I am so sorry that I missed the party last night. Vicki reminded me this morning. I ended up having to go to the dentist after work for a filling and then got caught up in some other things and completely forgot. I love the challenges. I will get them again. But, once again. Sorry.

  5. great idea for sending a card! being grateful is never a bad thing to waste. :) And, the pics are super fun!

  6. What a great story! LOL! Love the cards, Sparkle!

  7. Sparkle I nominated you for a Kreativ Blog Award. If you would like to particate check out my blog for the details. Keep up the good work. Shelly


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