Friday, October 10, 2008

HSAC5 Hanna Card, Some Personal Things, and More Europe Pics

I can't hide anything from you all, lol. I'm just joking...but I should of figured people would notice the banner. I tried out for the Rubber Cafe DT before I left to go to Europe. I'm very happy I made it and can't wait to catch up with everyone else. I recognize many of the ladies from SCS and can't wait to get to know them better.

Its only 2 cards per month, so it's not too overwhelming. Which is great, since I hope to make Just Johanna's DT. But we'll see how that goes. I don't want to get my hopes too high and I'll be okay if I don't make it. It just means I haven't found the right place for me yet. Lately though, I've seen alot of companies post on SCS for DT submissions.

On a more personal note, I am going to be cutting back on my crafting and blogging. I will still be doing my challenges and of course all of my DT work. I just need time to re-focus on life and figure out a few things. We kindof had a set back with my car and as of right now, we're sharing 1 car with 2 very different work schedules. I've been blessed which such great bosses so that they have allowed me to work around Brent's schedule for now. (I could ride the bus...but we decided it wasn't really safe for me to ride it home in the dark and then have to walk to the apartments...especially since my car got stolen there.)

Our next big goal is to get a house. I know this can be a long and frustrating process. But I hope that Brent and I can start putting effort into it and we'll just take it from there. In the end, I know it'll all work out the way its suppose to. Plus Brent really wants to go back to graduate I'm trying to get him squared away for his GREs.

And finally for what you really came here for. This was for Hanna's anniversary release and we were suppose to use buttons in this challenge. While these are summer stamps, I paired them up with more fallish colors. I love how my card came out!

Paper: CTMH
Stamps: Hanna Stamps
Copic Markers, Prima Flowers, and CTMH Buttons

If you made it through all of my rambling, thank you! Hope you all have a great Friday! I plan on just resting after work!

Here are pictures from Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

The Louvre

Disneyland Paris


  1. Of course, everything you make is beautiful! I will miss seeing you on here as often, but I know where I can reach you! :) Love and hugs to you, dear friend!

  2. Wow...lots of changes girl! Congrats on the DT!

  3. Congrats on the DT-and Best of Luck in the house hunting!!

  4. Congrats on the DT. I love your card.

  5. Congrats on making the DT!! That card is lovely :D I'm really enjoying that color palette. I hope all goes well with these new life pop ups!

  6. Congrats on the DT! That is awesome! Things will all work ou the way they are supposed to, it's just getting there that can be frustrating! Oh, and super card- as always! :)

  7. Congrats on making onto the new DT! I hope everything works out for you and Brent, life can be full of surprise twists and turns sometimes, can't it? We're still gonna do our little scrap nights once a month, right? Pretty please? :0)

  8. Hi Sparkle,
    I love your new blog banner. Congratulations ont the DT. Will miss seeing all your posts, but I totally understand. It will just give me something to look forward to. Good luck with the car situation.

  9. Your card is wonderful, thanks for sharing some more of your pictures. Tell Brent to not forget about grants and possible work study. You get paid for working at a place where the work is linked to your graduate work. You also get credits too. I am so sorry to hear about your car. You may want to check with a dealership about repossed cars that they would just let you assume payments.

  10. What a darling card! Might have to get me a Hanna stamp! Thanks for sharing, I always love your art.

  11. Hey, Sparkle! I love your new banner--what a cutie! And, this Hannah card is too much--love it!

    I know you and Brent will make the right decisions-I'll be sending you good thoughts all during my "sparkly" weekend--and for a lot longer! :)

  12. I agree with everyone else's comments about your great card, will miss your daily posts & thanks for sharing your vacation photos!

    I also wanted to remind you that now's a super time for 1st time home buyers!! It's unfortunate for the sellers right now, but if you're able to do it now you may be able to get into a home and pay what you're paying in rent. Good luck!!

  13. Congrats on your DT spot and love that cute little banner! :D I love that hanna card too...great colors and love those primas!!! :D Well I'll miss seeing all your post, but I do hope things will get better. Good luck with your card situation and house hunting!!! Take care girle! :D

  14. Glad to see you made it home! I love your pics... I can tell Brent is a total ham with a fun personality! That will make marriage fun! Congrats on the Design Team thats awesome, and as everyone else said good luck with the car and home situation. Talk to you later.

    Nicole Martin

  15. Congrats Sparkle on making the DT. Great card.

    :) Marcia

  16. I know you can make it! hopefully soon! I can understand you, we just have one car, but only my DH works outside the house and just one day! so I can imagine with both working out!!

    Congrats on your DT! spot! your work is stunning, I know why the choosed you! you are very talented!!


    PS your pictures are awesome, I bet you had a great time!


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