Friday, October 3, 2008

Hi from London!

Just a quick hello! Tomorrow I am starting my way back to Seattle! I am sad to leave, but very happy to come back home and sleep in my bed, lol. But its back to reality. At least I don't have to go back to work til Tuesday. It'll give me time to get over the jetlag and get things back to normal. I still need to finish up everything on my I'm almost sure it's a total loss. Then I need to talk to Cheryl about my work schedule for the next few months. I'm dreading car shopping, lol.

Paris was wonderful. The city is so pretty at we went on a cruise to see the sights and we went to the Effiel Tower at night when it was all lit up. The Mona Lisa was fun to see...but it cracked me up because the painting is so small...and its all by herself on this HUGE wall. But, hey, I know she's the most famous of all. And Notre Dome is just gorgeous.

And I finally got Brent to give in and take me to Euro Disney! It was so fun! Except we don't understand French, so we couldn't understand some of the comments on the rides. But it made it fun, since we didn't know what to expect. I got my picture taken with Lilo and Stitch, lol.

Yesterday we went and saw the changing of the guards. It's crazy how many people line up and take pictures. I almost felt bad for the guards. We also got to see where Prince Charles, William, and Harry live. Also the place where they kept Princess Diana when they brought her body back before her funeral service. We ate lunch at the Sherlock Holmes cafe and we went on a Jack the Ripper (serial killer) tour. I need to watch the movie From Hell (with Johnny Depp) we saw alot of the sights from that movie on the tour.

Today we're riding the London Eye and touring Big Ben. Then its an early night in since we have to be at the airport at 5:30am. Yet we land 12:40pm Seattle time, lol. Anyhoo- hope you all have a great weekend...I hope to be back in live time by Monday!


  1. Spark,s it will be so nice to have you back! Sounds like you will treasure this trip forever~as it should be!

  2. ah - you're bringing back soooo many wonderful memories for me. sounds like it's been a fabulous trip and I'm happy for you! Travel home safely!


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