Monday, October 6, 2008

Goals for 2009

Looking back, I realize I only accomplished a little bit off of my list from last year.

I really do eventually want to go back to school...but I was going to let Brent go first. He has decided that he doesn't want to persue that anymore at this time. I want to gain as much as I can from my job first, and then we'll see where it this will probably be a futre down the road goal. I'm still taking my Adobe classes its all good!

Brent and I really want to get a new that is our next big goal.

I still haven't gotten published...but that is something I still really want. I hope to be able to more effort into that this year, since I'm done with moving and the wedding!

I have made 3 design teams this year, so I'm pretty happy with that. I tried out for alot more...but hey, I'm getting there. And there's still so much more to come with 2009. I would like to get on a couple more.

I really do want to put effort into my photography and get a new camera.

I want to scrap 26 layouts in my wedding and my honeymoon ablum this year.

I want to make at least 120 Christmas cards by Christmas 2009.

I want to do one mini album every quarter of the year.

I want to be more knowledgable on business politics.

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