Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Skiing Riley!

This is my last Christmas-y Riley that I have. I am scared to ski because I broke my ankle when I was 8. But I do love going up to the mountains and just walking around.

Brent is more into snowboarding than skiing. Being a cold person all the time...spending the day in snow just does not sound like fun, lol. I'd rather be by the fire and have some hot chocolate!

Paper: Basic Grey Figgy Pudding
Stamps: Hanna Stamps, CTMH Say It In Style
Copic Markers, Nestabilities and Buttons

So we watched the new 90210 tonight...and I can't decide if I like it or not. But, it's totally brought me down memory lane. If you're close to my age (26), or my mom's age (she'd be 54 if she were still with us) and have adult children, you probably watched the original 90210. Or at least a few episodes of it. Since I went to private school until high school, I remember most of my classmates couldn't even watch it. My mom watched every episode with me to check up on what I was watching and she got just as hooked as I did on the show, lol.

I'm glad that they didn't change Kelly and Brenda's characters (returning stars from the original)...but I think its kindof lame to follow the same story line. New and sister...just like how Brenda and Brandon started on the original one. And its made me have to remember my 90210 trivia, lol. Because I forgot David's dad and Kelly's mom got married and had a baby (on the original)...which is now "Silver" and is one of the main stars of the new show.

And I'm dying to know if Kelly's son, Sammy is Dylan's child?!? Because the original show ended with Donna and David getting married...Matt and Kelly broke up, and Kelly and Dylan finally getting back together. But obviously this means Kelly is single now, as she's kindof dating one of the teachers from the high school. Does this leave the window for Luke Perry to show up at the front door like he always did on the original?

I thought it was weird to show Newport on there too...its like they're combining 90210 and the OC together. Not sure how I feel about that, as I was a huge OC fan too. My one moment of fame was meeting Ben McKenzie (Ryan, the main star)!

I think teens today who didn't watch the original one will love it. But I think anyone who watched the original one will always compare it and it won't be as good.

My final thought and I'll let you get on with your hump day! I don't think I can give up Biggest Loser for this, lol.


  1. 90210 ... now that was a while back. I just read your run down on how the original show ended and it all came flooding back. The new series doesn't start screening here until next week so you will have to make sure you highlight any spoilers for me!!!!

    :) Marcia

  2. Oh, I LOVE this card! The stitching is so cool. I have a super expensive quilting machine, and I am too neurotic to use it on paper. Maybe I should look into a cheap one at Target. I sure do like the effect! I need to get more Riley's. I only have a few. Great job, SParks!

  3. I can't believe you just wrote an entire post about 90210. LOL! Those were the days. I didn't even try to watch the new one. I'm happy with my memories! Are you going to watch the new Footloose too?

    Oh, and cute card btw! I love that BG paper. A lot. AND, you stitched! Woot!

  4. What a cute card this is! I never was and won't be now a 90210 watcher...sorry i can't walk down memory lane with you. LOL!

  5. So cute - fun colors! I was glad to run across your new blog today - I always enjoy your artwork!

  6. Super stinkin cute Riley card!!! I love the buttons and your stitching is great! :D My sister saw your cards and now wants a sewing machine...LOL!!! :D I did get a chance to watch 90210 last night and it so reminded me of that very first episode. I'll watch again and hopefully it will stick! Did you get to watch BB last was good! :D

    P.s. Thanks for the sweet card...I loved it! :D

  7. Hey Sistah!
    Great blog today. Love your Riley card - super cute. I need to get that stamp to make some cards for my brother - he lives in Banff, Alberta, Canada and skis all the time.
    I was an original 90210 watcher, and I did watch most of the show last night - missed about 40 minutes of it due to a phone call from my SIL who wouldn't stop talking!! :( I have the same thoughts as you - not sure if I like it - I will watch again when I get back from my trip - just to give it another chance. I would love it if Luke showed up on Kelly's door step - I loved them together!

  8. He gets me so excited for winter! Cute card! Love the coloring!:D

  9. P.S. I am not sure about 90210 either! And can you add a subscription thing-a-majig, so I can subscribe to your fantabulous blog!?

  10. That Riley is too cute! I can see why you love him so ;0)

    Super cute card!

  11. Love the card! The patterned paper is perfect for it and doesn't overplay the image. Riley is adorable (as always).

    I've only been skiing once myself. Went with my brother once...and he yelled at me till I cried. So I've never tried again! LOL.



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