Friday, September 5, 2008

Sandy Claws!

Remember when I said I would make an effort to use up some of those images sitting in a huge box? Well, you can't see a dent in it yet, but I'm really trying. I got these images from Wish RAK.

Aren't they super cute?!? Okay, so maybe they're only cute if you live in California, Florida, or Hawaii, lol. But I have family in Cali and Hawaii, so I can always send these to them. :) I lovey the sentiment though!

Paper: CTMH Evensong
Stamps: SU Crab & Co.
Copic Markers, Brads, CB Tiny Bubbles, Nesties Label Trio, Circles, Scalloped Circles, Liquid Applique

My in-laws are coming into town. But I probably won't see them until Saturday. I guess Brian (Brent's older brother) bought tickets to the Mariner's game. Brian bought tickets for their whole family (parents and the 3 boys--Brent, his twin, and Brian)...but somehow I didn't get included in I'm not going to the game. Which is totally fine...I don't mind really. I just feel a little left out, because they didn't even ask me if I wanted to go, lol.

But that means I'll be home by myself tomorrow and I can be lazy and craft as I please. Might stop by and get me some Chipotle for dinner and craft the night away. :) I hope you all have just as a fantabulous Friday as I will. Well, after work that's gonna be a long editing day. My eyes might hurt by the time I come home.

Okay, a couple of things I miss from LJ...I could do html things in editor mode, which I can't do I have to switch back and forth. And I miss my OC mood icons, lol. Sad times.


  1. Great sandy claws card. I love the colors and the dp you used. CUTE! :) KellyL

  2. That is such an adorable card! And that paper is so funky! :o)

  3. SO CUTE! REminds me of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid! Love the stitching.

  4. Love the Sandy Claws! Yep being in Florida it is great!

    Denise W

  5. I here you Sparkle about the missing out thing - my MIL every christmas gets my husband and daughter a present and not me. It used to bug me but I am kinda over it now. She doesn't do it to be mean, she just doesn;t think. Make the most of your me time - crank the music up and sing like you have never sung before. Always a mood lifter for me!

    :) Marcia

  6. love the card. sorry you got left out. I know just how you feel. it's the not being asked that's annoying - don't assume. But, glad you have a plan b for enjoying the evening!


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