Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi From Austria

Hi all! The not so fun stuff first...

So...they found my car...and its not looking too good. State Farm told me it has no wheels, lots of damage and parts missing. They're thinking its going to most likely be a total loss...but they'll know in a few days.

I left all of my stuff with my boss, since she was so kind to help me out with it since all of my family lives in Oregon. They'll let her know and then she can just email me...since it cost an arm and a leg to call home.

But on a better note...the trip is going really well. On our first day, Brent and I went to a German rock band concert. Drew and Lisa share an apartment with another couple, and their roommate Jens Daniel is the main singer for his band Mokka. They're actually really good...just can't understand what they're saying, lol. So I hope one day they produce some English songs. Brent bought their album and we had them autograph it. Brent also got a band tshirt too.

Today we went to a spa that covers over a natural warm spring. Its the neatest place I've ever been. It reminded me of it would be a really cool place to have just a girls week there. There's 6 different pools...saunas, salt water bath, steam rooms, and all of the regular spa services. I guess the Germans are really into this and they promote this as a good way to relax and have good health. If you're really stressed out, doctors can prescribe days here and its all covered by their insurance. Don't you wish you could get a prescription for a day at the spa?!?

Tomorrow Brent and I are going to see the Fortress. We wanted to go see the Eagle's Nest (one of Hitler's hideouts) but the weather wasn't really working out for us. So we went to the spa instead. But going downtown and seeing the Fortress should be fun.

We're skipping out on the Sound of Music cracks me up how "big" that is here. But I guess that makes sense since it was filmed here. Drew told me that these people make a ton of money here for it and they sell all sorts of Sound of Music stuff. I love the Sound of Music, don't get me wrong...but Drew said it wasn't worth our money to go on it, lol.

Well...I just wanted to check in and say hi. I hope all is well with everyone else! Ciao!


  1. dang - sorry to hear about your car. I was just catching up on your posts and that's crazy. good luck getting it all straightened out!


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