Thursday, July 2, 2015

Party Time Oliver Happy Birthday To You Card

My little brother turned 8 last week!  He's really into dinosaurs, bugs, and animals, but since I'm limited to the images I have stashed away, a regular birthday image had to do.  He asked to go fishing and for a large hammerhead shark toy, lol.  I ended up giving him a gift card to Toys R Us and we can keep our eyes open for this shark toy in the future. :)

I wanted to use some of my newer Basic Grey paper, so I picked out pieces of the Prism paper pack that didn't look girlie.  I'm really into aqua this year and I love lime green, so this combo came together really nicely for me.  I miss not having my sewing machine and all my craft stuff!

For Michael's birthday, we had a barbecue at my parent's house.  It's been hot here in Portland, so we mostly stayed in-doors and stayed in the air conditioning!  Anna also got the kids a piƱata and they had a lot of fun with that. 

I also used Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge #272 on this card.  I flipped it horizontal to fit Oliver in there!

They let Michael pick any image he wanted to have on his cake.  This crazy boy picked a spider!  Of all things to put on a cake!  (It was kinda creepy looking, lol,)  But my SIL said it was fitting since spiders have 8 legs and he turned 8 this year.

Well, I hope you all have a great Thursday!  We having swimming lessons today for Boston and we hope you all have a great holiday weekend as well!  We don't any big plans this year, but will enjoy the holiday at home!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Year of Dates: Off the Waffle

Ugh, life has been busy.  And we needed to use the Groupon by Wednesday, June 10 to get the full value.  Luckily, that happened to be one of Brent's days off, so we decided to make the most out of it and go.  We didn't have anyone to watch Boston, so our date breakfast turned into a family breakfast.  We decided that we'll just add another gift card to the pile and call it good.

We've never been here before, but when I purchased the Groupon, it looked like a fun and interesting breakfast place.  Brent had fresh squeezed orange juice and the special.  It was an egg and pork belly all on top of a liege waffle.  It was delicious and you can see Boston's little hand trying to get some in the photo below. :)

I got the Goats in Headlights, which is two eggs, avocado, and goat cheese on a liege waffle.  It was also really delicious.  Next time I think I'll have to try a waffle with fruit.  That's my typical choice, so I was happy that I tried something different for me.

Here are some pictures of our little guy.  He sure loves food and the waffles were no exception!  He's become quite vocal now, so you're sure to know that I don't feed him fast enough, lol.  But I love not having a picky eater (though he didn't like the goat cheese) and a healthy baby, so I can't complain too much.

Tomorrow is Boston's first birthday and I'm so excited!  I took the day off work and later in the evening, we'll be celebrating with all the immediate Bliatout and Smith family!  I'll be sure to share pictures of everything soon.  I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

Off the Waffle
2601 SE Clinton | Portland, OR 97202

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Congratulations Grad Girl Card and Graduation Pictures

On Saturday, June 13th, my niece, Bre, graduated from high school.  She was 4 when Brent and I started dating and it seems like she just grew up so fast!  Since I have most of my stuff in storage, I purged my tiny stash and after looking at all my stamped images, I finally found a single graduation one!!  I was starting to give up on finding one, lol.

I haven't been buying crafting stuff as I'm not crafting and I don't really have the space to keep extra stuff.  But for my birthday, I bought every Basic Grey paper pad that I've missed since moving.  Bre's school colors are navy and light blue, so I used my Aurora paper.

My friend Kandi was kind enough to let me borrow some of her CTMH graduation stamps so I would have a sentiment to stamp on.  After visiting Shaela last month and going shopping (I had to, I mean I was at the American Crafts Warehouse sale) I was motivated to craft and make something fun for Bre.

Graduation started at 9am, so we all woke up early and left Portland at 5:30am.  After the ceremony, we all headed to the Tacoma waterfront and had lunch at the Ram.  We took a ton of pictures, but I'm only going to share a few.  Here is one of the whole Smith family.

This picture is silly and my favorite!  This is all of Brent's immediate family, minus the wives. :)

For the life of me, I cannot get Boston to smile for pictures. :( I guess he's just not at that stage yet, lol.  But here is my favorite that Brent took of us.

I hope you all have a great Thursday!  We're celebrating Michael's birthday and t's suppose to be 100 degrees this weekend, so we'll be trying to stay cool!